Artist Titel Media Format Label Notes
4 Non BlondesBigger, Better, Faster, More!CDAlbumInterscope
59 Times the PainBlind Anger & HateCDAlbumBurning Heart Records
7 Year Bitch!Viva Zapata!CDAlbumC/Z Records
7 Year BitchAntidisestablishmentarianism7"EPRugger Bugger
7 Year BitchGato NegroCDAlbumAtlantic
7 Year BitchSick 'EmCDAlbumC/Z Records
A Day in Black and White / Black CastleA Day in Black and White / Black CastleCDEPState of Mind RecordingsSplit EP
AbdullahAbdullah12"x2AlbumPeople like youRed and yellow swirl vinyl
AbdullahGraveyard Poetry12"AlbumPeople like you
Acid KingAcid King10"EPMan's RuinRed vinyl
Acid KingBusse WoodsCDAlbumSmall Stone
Acid KingIII12"AlbumKreationWhite, black and orange splatter vinyl, limited to 250
Acid KingIII12"AlbumKreationOrange and white swirl vinyl, limited to 250
Acid KingIIICDAlbumSmall Stone
Acid KingThe Early YearsCDAlbumLeaf HoundWith obi-strip
Active MindsFree to be ChainedCSAlbumLoony Tunes Records
AerosmithGreatest Hits12"AlbumColumbia
AerosmithLive! Bootleg12"x2AlbumCBS
AerosmithToys in the Attic12"AlbumColumbia
AfromanBecause I Got HighCDSingleUniversalPaper-sleeve
Alice In ChainsDirtCDAlbumColumbia
Alice In ChainsLive & UnchainedCDAlbumKiss the StoneBootleg
Alice In ChainsSapCDEPColumbia
All Out War/Between the Buried and MeCondemned to Suffer/The Silent CircusCDEPVictory RecordsSplit promo sampler, paper-sleeve
Allen, LilyIt's Not Me, It's YouCDAlbumRegal
Amos, ToriBroken StoneCDAlbumKiss the StoneBootleg
Amos, ToriSpirit in the SkyCDAlbumKiss the StoneBootleg
Amps, thePacerCDAlbum4AD
Appalachian Murder BunniesBerserker/SköllCDRSingleNo LabelSelf-released demo
AriseKings of the Cloned GenerationCDAlbumSpinefarm Records
Armstrong, LouisYoung Louis Armstrong 1932-193312"x2AlbumRCA
Arrested DevelopmentTennessee12"SingleChrysalis
Art BrutFormed a BandCDSingleRough Trade
AsbestosdeathDejection UncleanCDEPSouthern Lord
Asta KaskMed is i magen12"AlbumRosa Honung RecordsPink cover
Athletic Automaton5 Days in Africa12"AlbumLiquid Death/Hello Pussy Records
Atomic BitchwaxAtomic Bitchwax12"AlbumTee Pee Records
Austerity Program, theBlack MadonnaCDAlbumHydra Head RecordsPromo, paper-sleeve
Babes In ToylandBruise Violet7"SingleSouthern RecordsViolet vinyl
Babes In ToylandBruise VioletCDSingleReprisePromo
Babes In ToylandDust Cake Boy7"SingleTreehouse
Babes In ToylandFontanelle12"AlbumRepriseRed vinyl
Babes In ToylandFontanelleCDAlbumReprise
Babes In ToylandFontanelleCSAlbumSouthern Records
Babes In ToylandHouse7"SingleSub Pop
Babes In ToylandHouse7"SingleAssociated Recording Studio EnterprisesBootleg
Babes In ToylandLive at the AcademyCDAlbumReprisePromo
Babes In ToylandLive in New York '92CDAlbumSuzy RecordsBootleg
Babes In ToylandLive!CDAlbumMind the MagicBootleg
Babes In ToylandLivedCDAlbumAlmafamePromo
Babes In ToylandNemesistersCDAlbumReprise
Babes In ToylandPainkillersCDAlbumReprise
Babes In ToylandPlaytimeCDAlbumKiss the StoneBootleg
Babes In ToylandSpanking MachineCDAlbumSouthern Records
Babes In ToylandThe BBC John Peel Sessions 1990-92CDAlbumCherry Red Records
Babes In ToylandThe Best of Babes In Toyland and Kat BjellandCD+DVDAlbumSouthern Records
Babes In ToylandTo MotherCDEPTwin/Tone Records
Babes In ToylandViledCDAlbumAlmafame
Babes In ToylandWe Are Family12"SingleReprise
Bad BrainsBad Brains12"AlbumRoir
Bad BrainsBanned in D.C.: Greatest RiffCDAlbumCaroline Records
Bad BrainsRock for LightCDAlbumCaroline Records
Bad WizardFree and EasyCDAlbumTee Pee Records
Beach Boys, theFriends12"AlbumCapitol
Beach Boys, thePet Sounds12"AlbumCapitol
Beach Boys, theWild Honey12"AlbumCapitol
Beastie BoysUltra Tuff TracksCDAlbumBlue Moon RecordsBootleg
Beat Merchants, theThe Beats Go on12"+7"AlbumCircle Records180g/70g vinyl pressing
Beatles, the1962-1966CDx2AlbumApple Records
Beatles, the1967-197012"x2AlbumApple
Beatles, theA Hard Day's Night12"AlbumParlophone
Beatles, theAbbey Road12"AlbumApple Records
Beatles, theBeatles for Sale12"AlbumParlophone
Beatles, theBeatles' Greatest12"AlbumParlophone
Beatles, theFree as a BirdCDSingleApple Records
Beatles, theHelp!12"AlbumParlophone
Beatles, theHelp!CDAlbumParlophone
Beatles, theMeet the Beatles!12"AlbumCapitol
Beatles, thePast MastersCDx2AlbumApple Records2009 remaster
Beatles, thePlease Please Me12"AlbumParlophone
Beatles, theRevolver12"AlbumParlophone
Beatles, theRock 'N' Roll Music12"x2AlbumParlophone
Beatles, theRubber Soul12"AlbumParlophone
Beatles, theSgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band12"AlbumParlophone
Beatles, theThe Beatles12"x2AlbumApple RecordsNumbered, nr 0566080
Beatles, theThe BeatlesCDx2AlbumApple Records30th anniversary limited edition nr 0111379
Beatles, theThe Beatles at the Hollywood Bowl12"AlbumParlophone
Beatles, theThe Beatles Ballads12"AlbumParlophone
Beatles, theWith the Beatles12"AlbumParlophoneNo sleeve
Bergman, Marit3 Original Album ClassicsCDx3AlbumSony Music
Betty BlowtorchAre You Man Enough?CDAlbumFoodchain Records
BifrostTil en sigøjner12"x2AlbumCBS
Big BlackAtomizer12"AlbumHomesteadStill sealed
Big BlackAtomizer12"AlbumHomesteadPromo
Big BlackAtomizer12"AlbumBlast First
Big BlackAtomizer12"AlbumTouch and Go
Big BlackAtomizer12"AlbumDi.-Di./Blast FirstGreek pressing
Big BlackAtomizer12"AlbumTorso/Blast First
Big BlackAtomizerCSAlbumHomesteadStill sealed
Big BlackAtomizerCSAlbumTouch and Go
Big BlackBig Black7"EPKing Dick RecordsBootleg
Big BlackBig Money12"EPHomesteadTest pressing with info sheet, limited to 60
Big BlackBig Money12"EPHomesteadPromo, limited to 500
Big BlackBoxesBOXBOXTouch and GoBox including Pig Pile LP & VHS, 5" single, poster and a t-shirt
Big BlackBulldozer12"EPRuthless/FeverIncludes a poster
Big BlackBulldozer12"EPTouch and GoIncludes a poster
Big BlackBulldozer12"EPRuthless/FeverAcid-etched steel sleeve, limited to 200
Big BlackDeath WishCDAlbumBig MusicBootleg
Big BlackHeadache12"EPTouch and GoHas the 'Warning' sticker
Big BlackHeadache12"EPBlast FirstTest pressing
Big BlackHeadache12"+7"EPBlast FirstBodybag package with poster and booklet
Big BlackHeadache12"+7"EPTouch and GoBodybag package with poster and booklet
Big BlackHeadacheCSEPBlast First
Big BlackHeadacheCSEPTouch and GoStill sealed
Big BlackHeadacheCSEPTouch and GoText stamped on cassette
Big BlackHeadache/Heartbeat12"+7"EPBlast FirstPackage with the regular Headache and Heartbeat releases
Big BlackHeartbeat7"SingleTouch and Go
Big BlackHeartbeat7"SingleDiskmakersTest pressing
Big BlackHeartbeat7"SingleNo LabelWhite label test pressing, only "Heartbeat" and "I Can't Believe"
Big BlackHeartbeat7"SingleTouch and GoMissing Colin Newman & Carlin Music credit on label
Big BlackIl Duce7"SingleHomesteadEarly pressing with Big Black in plain text on the label
Big BlackIl Duce7"SingleHomesteadLater pressing with the Big Black logo on the label
Big BlackIl Duce7"SingleHomesteadHas the "Big Money" label on both sides
Big BlackIl Duce7"SingleTouch and Go
Big BlackIn My House7"SingleNo labelWhite label test pressing
Big BlackIncredibly Whorish Big Black Interview Album12"AlbumTouch and Go
Big BlackIt's ToastedCDAlbumTouch and GoPromo, paper-sleeve
Big BlackKerosene12"AlbumBlack DeathBootleg
Big BlackKerosene12"SingleSouthern RecordsTest pressing, limited to 72
Big BlackLive7"SingleNo LabelBootleg, 2001 pressing, nr 133/500
Big BlackLiveCDAlbumOblivionBootleg
Big BlackLiveVHSVideoAtavistic1988 pressing
Big BlackLungs12"EPRuthlessIncludes a mutant lobster and a text stamped sheet
Big BlackLungs12"EPTouch and Go
Big BlackPig Pile12"AlbumSouthern RecordsTest pressing
Big BlackPig Pile12"AlbumTouch and Go
Big BlackPig PileCDAlbumTouch and GoWith 'It's Toasted' sticker
Big BlackPig PileCDAlbumTouch and Go
Big BlackPig PileCDAlbumSentoStill sealed
Big BlackPig PileCSAlbumTouch and GoStill sealed
Big BlackRacer X12"EPHomestead
Big BlackRacer X12"EPTouch and GoStill sealed
Big BlackRacer XCSEPHomestead
Big BlackRema Rema7"SingleForced ExposureLimited to 500
Big BlackRema Rema7"SingleNo LabelBootleg, white label
Big BlackSongs About Fucking12"AlbumBlast First
Big BlackSongs About Fucking12"AlbumBlast FirstIncl. press sheets and a personal note from Paul Smith
Big BlackSongs About Fucking12"AlbumDi.-Di./Blast FirstGreek pressing
Big BlackSongs About Fucking12"AlbumBlast FirstTest pressing in generic Blast First sleeve with a press release
Big BlackSongs About Fucking12"AlbumTouch and Go
Big BlackSongs About Fucking12"AlbumTorso/Blast First
Big BlackSongs About FuckingCDAlbumBlast FirstWith censor sticker
Big BlackSongs About FuckingCDAlbumTouch and Go
Big BlackSongs About FuckingCDAlbumTouch and Go1987 pressing with "Warning Adults Only" sticker
Big BlackSongs About FuckingCDAlbumAu-Go-Go
Big BlackSongs About FuckingCSAlbumTouch and Go
Big BlackSongs About FuckingCSAlbumBlast First
Big BlackSound of Impact12"AlbumBlast FirstNumbered, nr 895
Big BlackSound of Impact12"AlbumBlast FirstNumbered, nr 1665
Big BlackSound of Impact12"AlbumBlast FirstUnnumbered
Big BlackTalk About Fucking12"AlbumBlast First
Big BlackThanksgiving EP7"EPBig Q RecordsBootleg
Big BlackThe Hammer Party12"AlbumHomestead
Big BlackThe Hammer Party12"AlbumHomesteadRed vinyl, no insert
Big BlackThe Hammer Party12"AlbumHomesteadPromo
Big BlackThe Hammer Party12"AlbumBoudisque/HomesteadDutch pressing, different inner sleeve
Big BlackThe Hammer PartyCDAlbumHomestead
Big BlackThe Hammer PartyCDAlbumTouch and Go
Big BlackThe Hammer PartyCDAlbumTouch and GoFirst pressing
Big BlackThe Hammer PartyCDAlbumAu-Go-Go
Big BlackThe Hammer PartyCSAlbumHomesteadStill sealed
Big BlackThe Last BlastVHSVideoBlack LabelBootleg
Big BlackThe Model/He's a Whore7"SingleTouch and GoLater repressing
Big BlackThe Model/He's a Whore7"SingleBlast First
Big BlackThe Model/He's a Whore7"SingleDiskmakersTest pressing
Big BlackThe Model/He's a Whore7"SingleTouch and Go"Made in Canada" printed on jacket
Big BlackThe Model/He's a Whore7"SingleTouch and Go1987 pressing
Big BlackThe Rich Man's Eight Track TapeCDAlbumBlast First
Big BlackThe Rich Man's Eight Track TapeCDAlbumHomestead
Big BlackThe Rich Man's Eight Track TapeCDAlbumTouch and Go
Big BlackThe Rich Man's Eight Track TapeCDAlbumAu-Go-Go
Big BlackTonight We Walked With Giants12"AlbumNo LabelBootleg, no booklet
Big Black/MisfitsBig Black/Misfits7"SingleIlliterate Fuck RecordsBootleg, split
Big BoysWipe Out/I'm Sorry7"SingleFear and LoathingNo sleeve, fanzine promo
Big Brother & The Holding CompanyBig Brother & The Holding Company12"AlbumCBSCBS stickers on sleeve and record
Big Brother & The Holding CompanyCheap Thrills12"AlbumCBS
Bikini KillBikini Kill12"AlbumKill Rock Stars
Bikini KillPussy WhippedCDAlbumKill Rock Stars
Bikini KillThe C.D. Version of the First Two Records.CDAlbumKill Rock Stars
Bikini KillThe SinglesCDAlbumKill Rock Stars
BjörkPostCDAlbumOne Little Indian
BjörkSugar Candy KissesCDAlbumKiss the StoneBootleg
Black Crowes, theShake Your Money Maker12"AlbumDef American Recordings
Black FlagDamaged12"AlbumSST Records
Black FlagDamagedCDAlbumSST Records
Black FlagMy WarCDAlbumSST Records
Black FlagSix PackCDSingleSST Records
Black FlagThe First Four Years12"AlbumSST Records
Black FlagWasted AgainCDAlbumSST Records
Black Halos, theVoilent YearsCDAlbumSub Pop
Black SabbathBlack Sabbath12"AlbumNems
Black SabbathHeaven and Hell12"AlbumVertigo
Black SabbathParanoid12"AlbumNems
Black SabbathSabbath Bloody Sabbath12"AlbumNems
Black, FrankNo Big DealCDAlbumKiss the StoneBootleg
Black, FrankThe Dream is OverCDAlbumKiss the StoneBootleg
Black, Frank and the CatholicsFrank Black and the CatholicsCDAlbumPlay It Again Sam Records
Blakey, Art1958 Paris OlympiaCDAlbumUniversalDigipak
Blink 182Dude RanchCDAlbumCargo/MCA
Blue OrangeNo Fuckin' Covers7"SingleFKS
BlümchenJasmin (Special Swedish edition)CDAlbumEdel
Bohren & Der Club of GoreBlack Earth12"x2AlbumPIAS Recordings
Bohren & Der Club of GoreBlack EarthCDAlbumIpecac RecordingsDigipak
Bohren & Der Club of GoreGeisterfaustCDAlbumWonderDigipak
Bon Jovi, Jon/Sambora, RichieBusman's HolidayCDAlbumNo LabelBootleg
BongzillaContamination Festival 2003CDAlbumRelapse
BorisPink12"x3AlbumSargent HouseAnniversary deluxe edition, clear pink splatter vinyl
BorisSmileCDAlbumSouthern Lord
BorisStatement/Floor Shaker7"SingleSouthern Lord
Boris/Sunn 0)))Altar12"x3AlbumSouthern LordStill sealed, edition of 1500, brown vinyl
Bowie, David"Heroes" 12"AlbumRCA
Bowie, DavidSold Out12"x2AlbumSesam RecordsBootleg
Bowie, DavidThe Best of Bowie12"AlbumK-Tel
BrainbombsFucking Mess12"AlbumLystringBlue vinyl, nr 159/630
BrainbombsObeyCDAlbumArmageddon Label
Bratmobile/BraniacLive7"SingleTwelve-Vex-TwelveClear vinyl, split single
BreachIt's Me GodCDAlbumBurning Heart RecordsGatefold paper-sleeve
Breeders, theBaton Rouge 1994CDAlbumLive StormBootleg
Breeders, theCannonballCDSingle4ADDigipak
Breeders, theCannonball 1993CDAlbumLive StormBootleg
Breeders, theDon't Need No Fat ManCDAlbumBlue Moon RecordsBootleg
Breeders, theDouble TroubleCDAlbumKiss the StoneBootleg
Breeders, theEurope 1993CDAlbumLive StormBootleg
Breeders, theHead to Toe10"EP4AD
Breeders, theHello Baton Rouge!CDAlbumHome RecordsBootleg
Breeders, theLast SplashCDAlbum4AD
Breeders, theLSXX12"x3+10"x4BOX4ADLast Splash 20th Anniversary Edition
Breeders, theLSXXCDx3Album4AD
Breeders, theMountain BattlesCDAlbum4ADDigipak
Breeders, theNever Mind the Pixies Here's the BreedersCDAlbumMind the MagicBootleg
Breeders, thePod12"Album4AD
Breeders, thePodCDAlbum4AD
Breeders, theSonic EcstasyCDAlbumOctopusBootleg
Breeders, theTitle TK12"Album4AD
Breeders, theTitle TKCDAlbum4AD
Bruni, CarlaComme si de rien n'etaitCDAlbumNaïveDigipak
Bruni, CarlaNo PromisesCDAlbumNaïveDigipak
Bruni, CarlaQuelqu'un m'a DitCDAlbumNaïve
Bryant, MiriamRaised in RainCDAlbumParlophone
Bulat, BasiaGood Advice12"AlbumSecret City Records
Bulat, BasiaHeart of My OwnCDAlbumRough TradeDigipak
Bulat, BasiaTall Tall Shadow12"AlbumSecret City RecordsSigned by Basia
Bulat, BasiaTall Tall ShadowCDAlbumSecret City RecordsDigipak
BullTinbox7"SingleCompulsive Records
Burning WitchCrippled LuciferCDx2AlbumSouthern LordDigipak
Bush, KateNever for Ever12"AlbumEMI
Butthole SurfersCream Corn From The Socket Of Davis12"EPTouch and Go
Butthole SurfersLocust Abortion Technician12"AlbumBlast First
Butthole SurfersRembrandt Pussyhorse12"AlbumRed Rhino
Byrds, theGreatest Hits12"AlbumCBS
Calamity Jane/Rockin Rod and the StrychninesStrychnine/(Sweet) Lady Jane7"SingleRRS Records
Canned HeatRolling and Tumbling12"AlbumSuccess
Canned HeatThe Very Best ofCDAlbumCapitol
Canned Heat Blues BandCanned Heat Blues BandCDAlbumSeagull
Cardigans, theBest ofCDAlbumUniversal
Cardigans, theBest ofCDx2AlbumUniversal
Carmen Coppola and His OrchestraThe Godfather's Family Wedding Album12"AlbumParamount
Carpenter, JohnJohn Carpenter's Escape From New York12"AlbumThat's Entertainment Records
Cash, JohnnyAmerican III: Solitary ManCDAlbumAmerican
Cash, JohnnyAmerican IV: The Man Comes AroundCDAlbumAmerican
Cash, JohnnyAmerican V: A Hundred HighwaysCDAlbumAmerican
Cash, JohnnyAmerican VI: Ain't No GraveCDAlbumAmerican
Cash, JohnnyAt Folsom Prison and San QuentinCDAlbumColumbia
Cash, JohnnyAt San Quentin12"AlbumCBS
Cash, JohnnyThe LegendCDx4BOXColumbia/Legacy
Cat PowerJukeboxCDx2AlbumMatador RecordsPaper-sleeve, limited edition
Cat PowerMoon Pix12"AlbumMatador Records2007 pressing
Cat PowerMoon PixCDAlbumMatador Records
Cat PowerSpeaking for TreesDVD+CDEPMatador RecordsDigipak, includes a 64 page booklet with pictures
Cat PowerSun12"x2+7"AlbumMatador Records
Cat PowerThe Covers RecordCDAlbumMatador Records
Cat PowerThe GreatestCDAlbumMatador RecordsDigipak
Cat PowerWhat Would the Community Think?CDAlbumMatador RecordsDigipak
Cat PowerYou Are Free12"AlbumMatador Records2007 180g vinyl pressing
Cat PowerYou Are FreeCDAlbumMatador RecordsPaper-sleeve
Cave, Nick & The Bad SeedsAbatoir Blues/The Lyre of OrpheusCDx2AlbumMute Records
Cave, Nick & The Bad SeedsGod is in the HouseDVDVideoMute Records
Cave, Nick & The Bad SeedsHenry LeeCDSingleMute RecordsDigipak
Cave, Nick & The Bad SeedsHenry's Dream12"AlbumMute Records
Cave, Nick & The Bad SeedsHenry's DreamCDAlbumMute Records
Cave, Nick & The Bad SeedsLet Love InCDAlbumMute Records
Cave, Nick & The Bad SeedsLive SeedsCDAlbumMute Records
Cave, Nick & The Bad SeedsMurder BalladsCDAlbumMute Records
Cave, Nick & The Bad SeedsSkeleton Tree12"AlbumBad Seed Ltd.
Cave, Nick & The Bad SeedsThe Good Son/The Mercy Seat12"+7"AlbumMute RecordsLimited Edition including 7" "The Mercy Seat"
Cave, Nick & The Bad SeedsThe VideosDVDVideoMute Records
Cave, Nick & The Bad SeedsThe Weeping SongCDSingleMute Records
Cave, Nick & The Bad SeedsWhere the Wild Roses GrowCDSingleMute RecordsDigipak
Chicks on SpeedWill Save Us All!CDAlbumChicks on Speed RecordsDigipak
ClawfingerBiggest & The BestCDSingleMVG Records
ClawfingerClawfingerCDAlbumMVG Records
ClawfingerDeaf Dumb BlindCDAlbumMVG Records
ClawfingerNiggerCDSingleMVG Records
ClawfingerUse Your BrainCDAlbumMVG Records
ClawfingerWarfairCDSingleMVG Records
Clear LightClear Light12"AlbumElektra
Cobain, KurtAnd I Love Her/Sappy (Early Demo)7"SingleUniversal
Cobain, KurtMontage of Heck: The Home Recordings12"x2AlbumUniversal
Cobain, KurtMontage of Heck: The Home RecordingsCDAlbumUniversalDeluxe edition
Cobain, KurtMontage of Heck: The Home RecordingsCDAlbumUniversal
Cobain, KurtMontage of Heck: The Home RecordingsCSAlbumUniversalStill sealed
Coffin BreakKill the President7"SingleC/Z Records
Coffin BreakNo Sleep 'til the Stardust MotelCDAlbumC/Z Records
Coffin BreakThirteenCDAlbumEpitaph
Cohen, LeonardSongs of Love and Hate12"AlbumColumbia/CBS
Cohen, LeonardVarious Positions12"AlbumPassport Records
Cohen, LeonardYou Want It Darker12"AlbumColumbia
Cooper, AliceSchool's Out12"AlbumWarner
Corin Tucker Band, the1,000 YearsCDAlbumKill Rock StarsDigipak
Corrosion of ConformityDeliveranceCDAlbumColumbia
Costello, ElvisMy Aim is True12"AlbumStiff
CoughRitual Abuse12"x2AlbumRelapseRed vinyl
CoughRitual AbuseCDAlbumRelapse
Cough/WindhandReflection of the Negative12"EPRelapse
Crawl Back InHang All Hope From the Nearest Tree10"EPHidden Skill
Creedence Clearwater Revival16 Great HitsCSAlbumAmigo Musik
Creedence Clearwater RevivalBayou Country12"AlbumFantasy
Creedence Clearwater RevivalCCR Forever 36 Greatest HitsCDx2AlbumAmigo Musik
Creedence Clearwater RevivalCosmo's Factory12"AlbumLiberty
Creedence Clearwater RevivalCreedence Clearwater Revival12"AlbumLiberty
Creedence Clearwater RevivalForeverCSAlbumAmigo Musik
Creedence Clearwater RevivalGreen River12"AlbumFantasy
Creedence Clearwater RevivalLookin Out My Back Door/Long as I Can See the Light7"SingleLiberty
Creedence Clearwater RevivalPendulum12"AlbumFantasy
Creedence Clearwater RevivalWilly and the Poor Boys12"AlbumFantasy
CruntCrunt12"AlbumTrance SyndicateBlue vinyl, incl. poster
Cure, theThe Secret GigCDAlbumRed PhantomBootleg
Currie, CherieBeauty's Only Skin Deep12"AlbumMercury
Currie, Cherie and MarieMessin' With the Boys12"AlbumCapitol
Cypress HillBlack SundayCDAlbumColumbia
Cypress HillCypress HillCDAlbumColumbia
Cypress HillGreatest Hits From the BongCDAlbumColumbia
Danielson FamileA Prayer for Every HourCD+DVDAlbumSecretly Canadian
De Lyckliga Kompisarna8CDSingleBirdnestPaper-sleeve
De Lyckliga KompisarnaBorlängeCDSingleBirdnest
De Lyckliga KompisarnaDammsugarförsäljar BluesCDEPBirdnestPaper-sleeve
De Lyckliga KompisarnaHockeyfrillor 89-97CDx2AlbumBirdnest
De Lyckliga KompisarnaLe som en fotomodellCDAlbumBirdnest
De Lyckliga KompisarnaSagolandCDAlbumBirdnestDigipak
De Lyckliga KompisarnaTillbaka till sagolandetCDSingleBirdnestPaper-sleeve
De Lyckliga KompisarnaTomatCDAlbumBirdnest
Dead GhostsRarities12"AlbumBachelor Records
Dead LordGoodbye RepentenceCDAlbumHR Records
Dead MachinesWhat Time Will TellCSAlbumHung Like a Horse
Dead PrezLets Get FreeCDAlbumLoud Records
Deep PurpleCollection12"x3AlbumCreative Sounds
Deep PurpleNew, Live and Rare12"AlbumTrash
Deep PurpleThe Best of Deep Purple12"AlbumScepter Records
DevoBe Stiff12"EPStiff
DevoHot Potatoes: The Best of DevoCDAlbumVirgin
DevotchkasLive Fast... Die YoungCDAlbumPunk Core
Dia Psalma0CDSingleBirdnestPaper-sleeve
Dia PsalmaHundra kilo kärlekCDSingleBirdnestPaper-sleeve
Diane, AlelaAlela Diane & Wild Divine12"AlbumRough TradeGatefold
Diane, AlelaThe Pirate's Gospel12"AlbumFargoSigned by Alela
Diane, AlelaThe Pirate's GospelCDAlbumFargo
Diane, AlelaTo Be Still12"x2AlbumFargoStill sealed
Diane, AlelaTo Be StillCDAlbumFargo
DicklessI'm a Man12"SingleTupelo
Dicks1980-1986CDAlbumAlternative Tentacles
Dinosaur JrGreen MindCDAlbumWarner2006 re-issue
Disarm/Migra ViolentaDisarm/Migra ViolentaCSEPNiezalezny Lisc D.I.YSplit tape
Disco VolanteBig Dick Hans/Pocketcock7"SingleIdle Hands/Simon Riddle
Disco VolanteDistort the SouthCDSingleRebel Nation Records
Distillers, theCoral FangCDAlbumSire Records
Distillers, theSing Sing Death HouseCDAlbumHellcat RecordsDigipak
Distillers, theThe DistillersCDAlbumHellcat RecordsDigipak
DJ ShadowEndtroducing... (20th Anniversary Endtrospective Edition)CDx3AlbumUMC
DJ ShadowEndtroducing.....12"x2AlbumMo Wax
DJ ShadowEndtroducing.....CDAlbumMo Wax
Doors, theL.A. Woman12"AlbumElektra
Doors, theMorrison Hotel12"AlbumElektra
Doors, theThe Best of the DoorsCDx2AlbumElektra
Doors, theThe Soft Parade12"AlbumElektra
Doors, theWaiting for the Sun12"AlbumElektra
DozerIn the Tail of a CometCDAlbumMan's Ruin
DuffyRockferryCDAlbumA&M Records
DwarvesBlood Guts & Pussy12"AlbumSub Pop
DwarvesDrugstore7"SingleSub PopLimited edition, purple vinyl
Dylan, BobAll Hallow's Eve 196412"x2AlbumSinger's Original Double DiskBootleg
Dylan, BobBlonde on Blonde12"x2AlbumColumbia/Legacy
Dylan, BobBringing It All Back Home12"AlbumColumbia/Legacy
Dylan, BobCovering ThemCDAlbumPost ScriptBootleg
Dylan, BobFifth Time AroundCDx2AlbumKiss the StoneBootleg
Dylan, BobGoing, Going, Gothenburg12"x2AlbumRamona RecordsBootleg
Dylan, BobGreat White Wonder12"x2AlbumNo LabelBootleg, plain white gatefold sleeve, Swedish pressing
Dylan, BobHighway 61 Revisited12"AlbumColumbia/Legacy
Dylan, BobLay Lady Lay/Peggy Day7"SingleColumbiaNo sleeve
Dylan, BobMoving Violation12"AlbumRamshead RecordsBootleg
Dylan, BobNo Quarter12"x2AlbumDSI RecordsBootleg
Dylan, BobStealin'12"AlbumTrademark of QualityBootleg, translucent green vinyl
Dylan, BobStuck Inside of New YorkCDx2AlbumKiss the StoneBootleg
Dylan, BobTalkin' Bear Mountain Massacre Picnic Blues12"AlbumTrademark of QualityBootleg, translucent purple vinyl
Dylan, BobThe Great Summer Event12"AlbumRosephil RecordsBootleg
Dylan, BobThe Night the Revue Came to Boston12"AlbumZe Anonym PlattenspielerBootleg
Dylan, BobWanted ManCDAlbumKiss the StoneBootleg
EarthExtra-Capsular Extraction12"AlbumSub PopRe-press
Ebba GrönEbba Grön12"AlbumMistlur
Effigies, theInk12"AlbumFever/Restless
Ekdahl, LisaLisa Ekdahl at the Olympia, ParisCD+DVDAlbumSony Music
Ekdahl, LisaNär alla vägar leder hem12"x2AlbumSony MusicGatefold
EnyaThe Best of Enya - Paint the Sky With StarsCDAlbumWarner Music
EnyaThe Memory of TreesCDAlbumWarner Music
Eternal ElysiumShare12"AlbumPeople like you
Eternal ElysiumSpiritualized12"AlbumPeople like youBlue swirl vinyl
EurythmicsSweet Dreams - Are Made of This12"AlbumRCA
Eyes AdriftEyes AdriftCDAlbumCooking Vinyl
Faithfull, MarianneBroken English12"AlbumIsland
Feds, theClassified7"SingleDr. Strange Records
FeistLet It DieCDAlbumCherrytree/Interscope
First Aid KitStay Gold12"+CDAlbumColumbia
First Aid KitThe Lion's Roar12"AlbumWichita Recordings180g vinyl pressing
First Aid KitThe Lions RoarCD+DVDAlbumWichitaLimited edition
Flight of the ConchordsFlight of the ConchordsCDAlbumSub Pop
Flight of the ConchordsI Told You I Was FreakyCDAlbumSub Pop
FlipperAlbum Generic Flipper12"AlbumSubterranean Records
FlipperBlow'n Chunks LiveCDAlbumRoir Europe
FlipperGone Fishin'12"AlbumSubterranean Records
Flipper Gone Fishin'CDAlbumDomino
FlipperPublic Flipper Limited12"x2AlbumFundamental
FlipperSex Bomb BabyCDAlbumInfinite Zero/American
FlipperSexbomb/Brainwash7"SingleSubterranean Records
FloridaHaunted House/Love Inside of You7"SingleSHDWPLY
Foo FightersBrain DamageCDAlbumNo LabelBootleg
Foo FightersBrixtonCDAlbumKiss the StoneBootleg
Foo FightersEchoes, Silence, Patience & GraceCDAlbumRCA
Foo FightersEverywhere But HomeDVDVideoRoswell Records
Foo FightersFoo FightersCDAlbumRoswell Records
Foo FightersFor All the Cows7"SingleRoswell RecordsBlue vinyl
Foo FightersGeneratorCDSingleRoswell Records
Foo FightersIn Your HonorCDx2AlbumRoswell Records
Foo FightersNext YearCDSingleRoswell RecordsPaper-sleeve
Foo FightersOne By One10"x2AlbumRoswell Records
Foo FightersOne By OneCD+DVDAlbumRoswell Records
Foo FightersReadingCDAlbumKiss the StoneBootleg
Foo FightersSkin and BonesCDAlbumRCA
Foo FightersThe Colour and the ShapeCDAlbumRoswell Records
Foo FightersThe Colour and the Shape 10th Anniversary EditionCDAlbumRoswell RecordsDigipak
Foo FightersThere is Nothing Left to LoseCDAlbumRoswell RecordsDigipak
Foo FightersTimes Like TheseCDSingleRoswell RecordsDigipak
Foo FightersWasting Light12"x2AlbumRoswell Records
For SquirrelsBaypath Rd.CDAlbumNo LabelVery limited, self-released by the band
For SquirrelsExampleCDAlbum550 Music/Epic
For SquirrelsExampleCDAlbum550 Music/EpicPromo
For SquirrelsExampleCSAlbum550 Music/Epic
For SquirrelsMighty K.C.CDSingle550 Music/EpicPromo, no cover
For SquirrelsMighty K.C.VHSVideo550 Music/EpicPromo
For SquirrelsMTV DebutVHSVideo550 MusicPromo VHS with news footage from WSVN TV (IND) Miami
For SquirrelsPlymouthCDEPY&T Records
For SquirrelsThe Immortal Dog & Pony ShowCDSingle550 Music/EpicPromo, paper-sleeve
Four Hour FoggerRoad to Tibor/Marsha's Birthday7"SingleNo LabelGreen vinyl
Fraser, BrianDon't Ask MeCDAlbumBlack Market Music
Friends of DorothyJimmy Jansson EP7"EPKen Rock
Friends of DorothyTo Perverted for Sex7"EPKen RockBlue vinyl
FugaziSteady Diet of NothingCDAlbumDischord2004 re-release
FuzzboxLove is the Slug7"SingleVindaloo Records
Gary WarNew Raytheonport12"AlbumSHDWPLY/Disaro
Gay AnniversaryNew In Class10"AlbumSlovenly Recordings
Germs, the(GI)12"AlbumSlash Records
Germs, theGermicide - Live at the Whisky 1977CDAlbumBomp!
GhostridersBaptism of Fire EP12"EPCriminal Damage
Gibson, LauraBeasts of SeasonsCDAlbumSouterrain TransmissionsDigipak
Gibson, LauraEmpire Builder12"AlbumCity SlangSigned by Laura
Gibson, LauraIf You Come to Greet MeCDAlbumHushDigipak
Gibson, LauraLa Grande12"AlbumCity SlangSigned by Laura
Gits, theEnter: The Conquering Chicken12"AlbumBroken RekidsLimited edition, white vinyl
Gits, theEnter: The Conquering ChickenCDAlbumBroken Rekids2003 re-issue with bonus tracks
Gits, theFrenching the Bully12"AlbumC/Z RecordsLimited edition, translucent red swirl vinyl
Gits, theFrenching the BullyCDAlbumBroken Rekids2003 re-issue with bonus tracks
Gits, theFrenching the BullyCSAlbumC/Z Records
Gits, theKings and Queens12"AlbumBroken RekidsLimited edition, translucent "fire" vinyl
Gits, theKings and QueensCDAlbumBroken Rekids
Gits, thePrecious Blood7"SingleBig Flaming Ego
Gits, theSeafish Louisville12"AlbumBroken Rekids
Gits, theSeafish LouisvilleCDAlbumBroken Rekids
Gits, theSecond Skin7"SingleBroken RekidsGrey marbled vinyl
Gits, theSpear & Magic Helmet7"SingleEmpty Records
Glasseater/Streetlight ManifestoEverything is Beautiful When You Don't Look Down/Everything Goes NumbCDEPVictory RecordsSplit promo sampler, paper-sleeve
Go! Team, theThunder, Lightning, StrikeCDx2AlbumMemphis IndustriesLimited bonus disc edition
Green DayBasket CaseCDEPRepriseCollectors edition, no number, green jewel case
Green DayDookieCDAlbumReprise
Green RiverDry as a Bone/Rehab DollCDAlbumSub Pop
Greenbaum, NormanSpirit In the Sky12"AlbumReprise
GruntruckInside YoursCDAlbumEmpty/RoadrunnerJapanese pressing
Guns N' RosesRockin' in ChileCDx2AlbumBig MusicBootleg
GuttermouthFriendly PeopleCDAlbumNitro
H. P. LovecraftAt the Mountain of Madness12"x2AlbumEdsel
H.407Kraty WolnosciCSAlbumNiezalenzy Lisc D.I.Y
Haines, Emily & The Soft SkeletonKnives Don't Have Your BackCDAlbumGrönlandDigipak
Happy FlowersI Crush Bozo12"AlbumHomesteadRed vinyl
Happy FlowersLasterday I Was Been Bad12"AlbumHomestead
Hardin, TimSimple Song of Freedom/Question of Birth7"SingleCBS
Harvey, PJ4-Track DemosCDAlbumIsland
Harvey, PJA Woman a Man Walked byCDAlbumIsland
Harvey, PJBuild Me a WomanCDAlbumKiss the StoneBootleg
Harvey, PJC'mon PollyCDAlbumSynergyBootleg
Harvey, PJDance Hall at Louse PointCDAlbumIsland
Harvey, PJDress12"SingleToo Pure
Harvey, PJDryCDAlbumToo Pure
Harvey, PJEurope 1993CDAlbumRarities & FewBootleg
Harvey, PJIs This Desire?CDAlbumIsland
Harvey, PJLet England Shake12"AlbumIsland
Harvey, PJLet England ShakeCDAlbumIsland
Harvey, PJLive Goes the NightCDAlbumKiss the StoneBootleg
Harvey, PJPretty in PinkCDAlbumBig KahunaBootleg
Harvey, PJRid of MeCDAlbumIsland
Harvey, PJStories From the City, Stories From the SeaCDAlbumIsland
Harvey, PJThe Hope Six Demolition Project12"AlbumIslandGatefold w/ poster
Harvey, PJThe Hope Six Demolition ProjectCDAlbumIsland
Harvey, PJThe Peel Sessions 1991-2004CDAlbumIsland
Harvey, PJTo Bring You My Love12"AlbumIsland
Harvey, PJTo Bring You My LoveCDAlbumIsland
Harvey, PJTo Bring You My Love & The B SidesCDx2AlbumIsland
Harvey, PJUh Huh HerCDAlbumIsland
Harvey, PJWhite Chalk12"AlbumThe Control Group
Harvey, PJWhite ChalkCDAlbumIsland
Heavens to BetsyCalculatedCDAlbumKill Rock Stars
Heavens to Betsy/BratmobileMy Secret/Cool Schmool7"SingleK Records
Hedberg, MitchDo You Believe In Gosh?CDAlbumComedy CentralDigipak
Hedberg, MitchMitch All TogheterCD+DVDAlbumComedy CentralDigipak
Hedberg, MitchStrategic Grill LocationsCDAlbumComedy CentralDigipak
Hellström, HåkanDu gamla du fria12"AlbumWoah Dad!Limited to 500, still sealed, blue vinyl
Hendrix, Jimi16 Greatest Classics12"AlbumBigtime
Hendrix, JimiEarly Jimi Hendrix12"AlbumEMI
Hendrix, JimiIsle of Wight12"AlbumPolydor
Hendrix, JimiReplay12"AlbumSierra
Hendrix, JimiThe Eternal Fire of Jimi Hendrix12"AlbumHallmark
Hendrix, JimiThe Jimi Hendrix Concerts12"x2AlbumFrituna
Henry Fiat's Open SoreI Was a Teenage Pretty Boy7"EPPandacide
Hep Stars, theInatt jag drömde/Jag vet7"SingleOlga
Hep Stars, theSunny Girl/Hawaii7"SingleOlga
Herman's HermitsGreatest Hits12"AlbumCrystal
High On FireBlessed Black WingsCDAlbumRelapse
High On FireDe Vermis MysteriisCDAlbumCentury Media
High On FireDeath is This CommunionCDAlbumRelapse
High On FireLive From the Relapse Contamination FestivalCDAlbumRelapse
High On FireLuminiferous12"x2+CDAlbumCentury Media
High On FireLuminiferousCDAlbumCentury Media
High On FireSnakes for the DivineCDAlbumCentury Media
High On FireSurrounded By ThievesCDAlbumRelapse
High On FireThe Art of Self Defense12"+7"AlbumTee Pee RecordsIncludes a 7" with two bonus tracks
High On FireThe Art of Self DefenseCDAlbumTee Pee RecordsDigipak
Hip WhipsHip WhipsCDAlbumDubious RecordsDigipak
HoleAsking for ItCDAlbumKiss the StoneBootleg
HoleCourtney ActCDAlbumPseudo Indie LabelBootleg
HoleDissedCDAlbumKTS of AustraliaBootleg
HoleLiveVHSVideoNo LabelBootleg
HoleLive Through ThisCDAlbumCity Slang
HoleMy Body, the Hand GrenadeCDAlbumCity Slang
HoleUngluedCDAlbumChrome HeartsBootleg
HoleVengeance is MineCDAlbumKiss the StoneBootleg
HoleVioletCDSingleCity Slang
Holly, BuddyBuddy Holly's Greatest Hits12"AlbumCoral
Holly, BuddyThe Great12"AlbumVocalion
HolochaösHuman AnimalCSAlbumPirata Recs
Horace Silver Quintet, theBlowin' the Blues Away12"AlbumBlue Note180g vinyl pressing
Horner, JamesAliens (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)12"AlbumThat's Entertainment Records
Horns of AnguishBarriersCDAlbumKampas Records
Hüsker DüEverything Falls Apart and MoreCDAlbumReflex
Hyvönen, FridaTo the Soul12"AlbumUniversal
Höglund, KjellUndran och blomstertid12"x2AlbumAlternativ
Jack Off JillAmerican Made/Girlscout7"SingleRisk RecordsAutographed by the band including Ho-Ho Spade
Jack Off JillCovetous CreatureCDEPRisk Records
Jack Off JillHumid Teenage MediocrityCDAlbumCargo Records
Jack Off JillSexless Demons and ScarsCDAlbumRisk Records
Jacks, TerrySeasons in the Sun12"AlbumBellStill sealed
Jackson, MichaelThriller12"AlbumCBS
Jam, theSet the Skies AblazeCDAlbumKiss the StoneBootleg
Jam, theTokyo 1982CDAlbumPost ScriptBootleg
Jane's AddictionSkin and BonesCDAlbumYouth RecordsBootleg
Jansson, Bror GunnarAnd the Great Unknown - Part I10"EPNormandeep Blues
Jansson, Bror GunnarBror Gunnar Jansson12"AlbumNo Label
Jansson, Bror GunnarBror Gunnar Jansson12"AlbumThe GreatestLimited edition nr 60/100
Jansson, Bror GunnarMoan Snake Moan12"AlbumNormandeep Blues
Jefferson AirplaneSurrealistic Pillow12"AlbumRCA
Jefferson AirplaneSurrealistic PillowCDAlbumRCA
Jesus Lizard, the(Fly) On (The Wall)/White Hole7"SingleTouch and Go
Jesus Lizard, theBangCDAlbumTouch and Go
Jesus Lizard, theBlue12"AlbumJetset
Jesus Lizard, theBlueCDAlbumCapitol
Jesus Lizard, theChrome/7 vs. 87"SingleTouch and Go
Jesus Lizard, theDownCDAlbumTouch and Go
Jesus Lizard, theGoat12"AlbumTouch and GoRemastered 2009 re-issue
Jesus Lizard, theGoat12"AlbumTouch and GoPicture disc
Jesus Lizard, theGoatCDAlbumTouch and Go
Jesus Lizard, theHead/PureCDAlbumTouch and Go
Jesus Lizard, theJohn Peel Sessions7"EPNo LabelBootleg, pink vinyl
Jesus Lizard, theLash7"x3EPTouch and Go
Jesus Lizard, theLashCDEPTouch and Go
Jesus Lizard, theLiarCDAlbumTouch and Go
Jesus Lizard, theLive at the Khyber Pass7"EPNo LabelBootleg, purple vinyl, limited edition nr 466/500
Jesus Lizard, theMouthbreather/Sunday You Need Love7"SingleTouch and Go
Jesus Lizard, thePure12"EPTouch and GoNo sleeve, given away at a pre-release show
Jesus Lizard, thePure12"EPTouch and GoColoured vinyl, nr 876/1500. Still sealed
Jesus Lizard, theShotCDAlbumCapitol
Jesus Lizard, theShowCDAlbumCollision Arts/Giant
Jesus Lizard, theThe Jesus LizardCDEPJetsetDigipak
Jesus Lizard, theThe Jesus LizardDVDVideoMVD Visual
Jesus Lizard, theWheelchair Epidemic/Dancing Naked Ladies7"SingleTouch and Go
Jesus Lizard, the/NirvanaPuss/Oh, the Guilt7"SingleTouch and GoSplit with Nirvana
Jesus Lizard, the/NirvanaPuss/Oh, the Guilt7"SingleTouch and GoCounterfeit
Jesus Lizard, the/NirvanaPuss/Oh, the GuiltCDSingleTouch and GoSplit with Nirvana
Jesus Lizard, the/NirvanaPuss/Oh, the GuiltCSSingleTouch and GoStill sealed
Jett, JoanBad Reputation12"AlbumEpic
Jett, Joan & The BlackheartsAlbum12"AlbumSmash RecordsGatefold
Jett, Joan & The BlackheartsI Love Rock 'n' Roll12"AlbumSmash Records
Johnston, DanielYip! Jump MusicCDAlbumEternal Yip Eye MusicDigipak
Jones & the Punk(rock)ersvi lever i en rock´n roll7"EPNo Label
Joplin, JanisAnthology12"x2AlbumCBS
Joplin, JanisFarewell Song12"AlbumCBS
Joplin, JanisI Got Dem Ol' Kozmic Blues Again Mama!12"AlbumCBS
Joplin, JanisIn Concert12"x2AlbumCBS
Joplin, JanisJanis12"x2AlbumCBS
Joplin, JanisJanis Joplin's Greatest Hits12"AlbumCBS
Joplin, JanisJanis Joplin's Greatest HitsCDAlbumColumbia/Legacy
Joplin, JanisLittle Girl BlueCDAlbumColumbia/Legacy
Joplin, JanisLive at the Carousel Ballroom 196812"x2AlbumColumbia/Legacy
Joplin, JanisLive at Winterland '68CDAlbumColumbia/Legacy
Joplin, JanisLive Fast Die Young12"AlbumDeadandBootleg
Joplin, JanisPearl12"AlbumCBS
Joplin, JanisPearl: Legacy EditionCDx2AlbumColumbia/Legacy
Joplin, JanisThe Pearl SessionsCDx2AlbumColumbia/LegacyDigipak
Juliette and the LicksLike a Bolt of LightningCDAlbumHassle
Katastrophy WifeAmusiaCDAlbumAlmafame
Kelley Deal 6000, theBoom! Boom! Boom!CDAlbumPlay It Again Sam Records
Kelley Deal 6000, theGo to the Sugar AltarCDAlbumBitter Sweet
KilldozerBurl12"EPTouch and Go
KilldozerFor Ladies Only12"AlbumTouch and Go
KilldozerFor Ladies Only7"x5AlbumTouch and GoColoured vinyls
KilldozerFor Ladies OnlyCDAlbumTouch and Go
KilldozerGod Hears Pleas of the InnocentCDAlbumTouch and Go
KilldozerIntellectuals Are the Shoeshine Boys of the Ruling Elite12"AlbumBone Air
KilldozerIntellectuals Are the Shoeshine Boys of the Ruling EliteCDAlbumTouch and Go
KilldozerLittle Baby Buntin'12"AlbumTouch and Go
KilldozerLittle Baby Huntin' LiveVHSVideoAtavistic
KilldozerSnakeboy12"AlbumTouch and Go
KilldozerThe Last WaltzCDAlbumMan's Ruin
KilldozerTwelve Point Buck12"AlbumTouch and Go
KilldozerTwelve Point Buck12"AlbumTouch and GoRed vinyl
KilldozerTwelve Point BuckCDAlbumTouch and Go
KilldozerUncompromising War on Art Under the Dictatorship of the ProletariatCDAlbumTouch and Go
Killing JokeLaugh? I Nearly Bought One!CDAlbumVirgin
Kingston Trio, theSeasons in the Sun12"AlbumEMI
Kingston Trio, theThe OriginalCDAlbumEMI/Disky
Kinks, the20 Golden Greats!12"AlbumRonco
Kinks, theArthur or the Decline and Fall of the British Empire12"AlbumPyew/ Stereo NSPL sticker
Kinks, theArthur or the Decline and Fall of the British EmpireCDx2AlbumSanctuaryDeluxe edition
Kinks, theBBC Sessions 1964-1977CDx2AlbumSanctuary
Kinks, theCadillac/I'm a Lover Not a Fighter7"SinglePyeSwedish/Norwegian pressing
Kinks, theDeath of a Clown/Love Me Till the Sun Shines7"SinglePyeDanish pressing
Kinks, theDeath of a Clown/Love Me Till the Sun Shines7"SinglePyeSwedish/Norwegian pressing
Kinks, theDedicated Follower Of Fashion/Sittin' On My Sofa7"SinglePyeSwedish/Norwegian pressing
Kinks, theFace to Face12"AlbumPyeStereo w/ sticker
Kinks, theFace to FaceCDAlbumSanctuary
Kinks, theFace to FaceCDx2AlbumSanctuaryDeluxe edition
Kinks, theKinda Kinks12"AlbumPye
Kinks, theKinda KinksCDx2AlbumSanctuaryDeluxe edition
Kinks, theKinks12"AlbumPyeMono
Kinks, theKinksCDAlbumSanctuaryDigipak
Kinks, theKinksCDx2AlbumSanctuaryDeluxe edition
Kinks, theKwyet Kinks7"EPPye
Kinks, theLincoln County/There is No Life Without Love7"SinglePyeDanish pressing
Kinks, theLola versus Powerman and the Moneygoround, Part One12"AlbumPye
Kinks, thePicture BookCDx6BOXSanctuary
Kinks, theSee My Friend/Never Met a Girl Like You Before7"SinglePyeSwedish pressing
Kinks, theSomething Else by the Kinks12"AlbumPyeStereo, pink label, NPL 18193
Kinks, theSomething Else by the Kinks12"AlbumPyeStereo, pink label, NPL 18193, red stereo stamp on backsleeve
Kinks, theSomething Else by the KinksCDAlbumSanctuary
Kinks, theSomething Else by the KinksCDx2AlbumSanctuaryDeluxe edition
Kinks, theState of Confusion12"AlbumArista
Kinks, theSunny Afternoon/I'm Not Like Everybody Else7"SinglePyeSwedish/Norwegian pressing
Kinks, theSusannah's Still Alive/Funny Face7"SinglePyeNorwegian pressing
Kinks, the The Anthology 1964-1971CDx5+7"BOXSanctuary
Kinks, theThe Kink Kontroversy12"AlbumRepriseMono
Kinks, theThe Kink Kontroversy12"AlbumPye
Kinks, theThe Kink KontroversyCDx2AlbumSanctuaryDeluxe edition
Kinks, theThe Kinks Are the Village Green Preservation Society CDx3AlbumSanctuaryDeluxe edition
Kinks, theTill the End of the Day/Where Have All the Good Time's Gone7"SinglePyeSwedish/Norwegian pressing
Kinks, theWell Respected Kinks12"AlbumMarble Arch
Kinks, theWord of Mouth12"AlbumArista
KissAlive!12"x2AlbumCasablanca RecordsKiss logo has been replaced with normal lettering
KissCreatures of the Night12"AlbumCasablanca Records
KissDestroyer12"AlbumCasablanca RecordsSwedish pressing
KissDestroyer12"AlbumCasablanca Records
KissDynasty12"AlbumCasablanca Records
KissHotter Than Hell12"AlbumCasablanca Records
KissKiss12"AlbumCasablanca RecordsSwedish pressing
KissLove Gun12"AlbumCasablanca Records
KissPaul Stanley12"AlbumCasablanca Records
KissRock and Roll Over12"AlbumCasablanca Records
KissUnmasked12"AlbumCasablanca Records
Kitt, EarthaJust an Old-Fashioned Girl7"EPRCA
Kjellvander, ChristianIntroducing the PastCDx2AlbumStartracks
KonghCounting Heartbeats12"x2AlbumSound DevastationLimited to 270, green/black swirl vinyl
KonghCounting Heartbeats12"x2AlbumSound DevastationLimited to 519, brown vinyl
KonghCounting Heartbeats12"x2AlbumMusicFearSatanSecond pressing, limited to 700, black vinyl
KonghCounting Heartbeats12"x2AlbumMusicFearSatanSecond pressing, limited to 150, pink vinyl
KonghCounting Heartbeats12"x2AlbumMusicFearSatanSecond pressing, limited to 150, clear vinyl
KonghCounting HeartbeatsCDAlbumTrust No OneFirst press with obi-strip
KonghCounting HeartbeatsCDAlbumTrust No OnePromo, paper-sleeve
KonghDemo 2006CDRAlbumNo LabelSelf-released, jewel case version
KonghShadows of the Shapeless12"x2AlbumMusicFearSatanRed vinyl
KonghShadows of the Shapeless12"x2AlbumMusicFearSatanBlack vinyl
KonghShadows of the Shapeless12"x2AlbumNo LabelTest pressing, limited to 5
KonghShadows of the ShapelessCDAlbumTrust No One
Kongh/Ocean ChiefDrifting on Waves/Freja12"AlbumLand O´SmilesLimited to 500
Kristet Utseende, thePang på Pungen i PortugalCDAlbumÄgg Tapes & Records
L7Andres12"SingleSlash RecordsLimited edition nr 534, green vinyl
L7Andres12"SingleSlash RecordsPromo
L7AndresCDSingleSlash RecordsLimited edition nr 17886
L7AndresCDSingleSlash RecordsPromo
L7Andres/The Bomb7"SingleSlash RecordsLimited edition nr 5627, green vinyl, posterbag
L7Bricks Are Heavy12"AlbumSlash RecordsIncl. a gigantic tour poster
L7Bricks Are HeavyCDAlbumSlash RecordsLongbox, still sealed
L7Bricks Are HeavyCDAlbumSlash Records
L7Can I Run/Baggage7"SingleSlash RecordsPromo, with L7 sticker
L7Chicks 'R' Heavy10"EPNo LabelBootleg
L7DramaCDSingleSlash RecordsPromo
L7Enter...PartyCDAlbumMind the MagicBootleg
L7Europe 1992CDAlbumLive StormBootleg
L7Europe 1992/93CDAlbumRarities & FewBootleg
L7Everglade12"SingleSlash RecordsLimited edition nr 11012, etched skeleton hands on side B
L7Everglade12"SingleSlash RecordsLimited edition nr 9280, picture disc
L7EvergladeCDSingleSlash RecordsLimited edition nr 6292, picture disc
L7EvergladeCDSingleSlash RecordsPromo, no cover
L7Everglade/Freak Magnet7"SingleSlash Records
L7Everglade/Freak Magnet7"SingleSlash RecordsLimited edition nr 8032, neon-green vinyl
L7Everglade/Freak Magnet7"SingleSlash RecordsLimited edition nr 6403, green vinyl
L7Fast and Frightening12"AlbumRocks Off RecordsBootleg
L7Fast and FrighteningCDAlbumMetal BitterBootleg
L7Fast and FrighteningCDAlbumNo LabelBootleg
L7Fast and FrighteningCDx2AlbumEasy ActionDigipak
L7FemmchismoCDAlbumRed DevilBootleg, digipak
L7Freedom HouseCDAlbumMen at WorkBootleg
L7Freeway/Mantra Down7"SingleAtomic Pop
L7From the Outer SpaceCDAlbumRed PhantomBootleg
L7Get in the RingCDAlbumMeteorBootleg
L7Girlz Will Be GirlzCDAlbumInsect RecordsBootleg
L7Gyne-Lo Mein7"SingleNo LabelBootleg, green swirl vinyl
L7Hollywood Palladium12"AlbumEasy ActionWhite and red swirl vinyl
L7Hungry for Stink12"AlbumSlash RecordsBlue vinyl
L7Hungry for StinkCDAlbumSlash/ReprisePromo
L7Hungry for StinkCDAlbumSlash RecordsAdvance promo
L7Hungry for StinkCDx2AlbumSlash RecordsAustralian tour edition
L7Keep on Rocking12"AlbumNo LabelBootleg, nr 172/500
L7Keep on Rocking7"EPNo LabelBootleg
L7L712"AlbumEpitaphFirst pressing
L7L712"AlbumEpitaph1991 re-issue
L7L7CDAlbumEpitaphFirst pressing
L7Live at the International Pop Festival Underground Convention7"EPNo LabelBootleg, yellow sleeve, nr 684/1000, translucent gold vinyl
L7Live at the International Pop Festival Underground Convention7"EPNo LabelBootleg, green sleeve, nr 160/1000, translucent gold vinyl
L7Live Digital E.P.7"EPGeorg Becker SchallplattenBootleg, red vinyl
L7Live in Florence 92VHSVideoLime Light I.N.CBootleg
L7Live Omaha to OsakaCDAlbumMan's Ruin
L7Lose Your DignityCDEPSlash RecordsPromo
L7ManeaterCDAlbumKiss the StoneBootleg
L7Monster12"SingleSlash RecordsLimited edition nr 266, picture disc
L7MonsterCDSingleSlash RecordsLimited edition nr 14521, picture disc
L7Monster/Used to Love Him7"SingleSlash RecordsLimited edition nr 10834, green vinyl
L7Off the Wagon7"SingleSlash/repriseNo sleeve
L7Off the WagonCDSingleSlash/RepriseDigipak
L7Off the WagonCDSingleSlash RecordsPromo, paper-sleeve
L7Off the WagonCDSingleSlash RecordsPromo w/ sticker
L7One More ThingCDSingleReprisePromo
L7Pretend We're Dead12"EPSlash RecordsPromo, with 5 live tracks
L7Pretend We're Dead12"SingleSlash RecordsLimited edition nr 634, picture disc
L7Pretend We're Dead12"SingleSlash RecordsPromo, etched skeleton hands on side B, no sleeve
L7Pretend We're Dead12"SingleSlash RecordsPromo, brazilian pressing
L7Pretend We're DeadCDEPPolydor K.K./Slash/LondonJapanese pressing with obi-strip
L7Pretend We're DeadCDSingleSlash RecordsPaper-sleeve
L7Pretend We're DeadCDSingleSlash RecordsDigipak
L7Pretend We're DeadCDSingleSlash RecordsLimited edition nr 3362, picture disc
L7Pretend We're DeadCDSingleSlash RecordsPaper-sleeve
L7Pretend We're DeadCDSingleSlash RecordsPromo
L7Pretend We're DeadCDSingleSlash Records
L7Pretend We're Dead/Fast & Frightening7"SingleSlash Records
L7Pretend We're Dead/Shitlist7"SingleSlash Records
L7Pretend We're Dead/Shitlist7"SingleSlash RecordsLimited edition nr 7589, red vinyl, paper labels
L7Pretend We're Dead/Shitlist7"SingleSlash RecordsLimited edition nr 23191, red vinyl
L7Pretend We're in HeavenCDAlbumFlashback World ProductionsBootleg
L7She DevilsCDAlbumBullseye RecordsBootleg
L7ShoveCDAlbumSuzy RecordsBootleg, limited to 1000
L7Shove/Fast7"SingleSub Pop
L7Shove/Packin' a Rod7"SingleSub Pop
L7Shove/Packin' a Rod7"SingleSub PopGreen vinyl
L7Skeleton SongsCDAlbumGerman RecordsBootleg
L7Slap-Happy12"AlbumWax Tadpole180g vinyl pressing, includes "The L7 Stencil" and a competition booklet
L7Slap-HappyCDAlbumWax Tadpole
L7Slap-HappyCDEPWax Tadpole4 track radio sampler
L7Smell It LiveCDAlbumLiving Legend RecordsBootleg
L7Smell It LiveCDRAlbumLiving Legend RecordsCounterfeit bootleg
L7Smell the Magic10"EPSub Pop/WaterfrontBlack vinyl
L7Smell the Magic10"EPSub Pop/WaterfrontRed vinyl
L7Smell the Magic10"EPSub Pop/WaterfrontGreen vinyl
L7Smell the Magic10"EPSub Pop/WaterfrontPink vinyl
L7Smell the Magic10"EPSub Pop/WaterfrontYellow vinyl
L7Smell the Magic10"EPSub Pop/WaterfrontBlue vinyl
L7Smell the Magic10"EPSub Pop/WaterfrontOrange vinyl
L7Smell the Magic12"EPSub Pop/GlitterhouseTest pressing with info sheet
L7Smell the Magic12"EPSub Pop
L7Smell the Magic12"EPSub PopLimitied edition, purple swirl vinyl
L7Smell the Magic12"EPSub PopGerman pressing
L7Smell the MagicCDAlbumSub PopFirst pressing
L7Smell the MagicCDAlbumSub Pop
L7Smell the Magic Live7"EPWhore Core RecordsBootleg
L7Stuck Here AgainCDSingleSlash RecordsPromo
L7Tampons Are HeavyCDAlbumEat Your Own HeadBootleg
L7The Beauty Process: Triple PlatinumCDAlbumSlash/ReprisePromo
L7The Beauty Process: Triple PlatinumCDAlbumPolydor K.K./Slash/LondonJapanese pressing with bonus tracks and obi-strip
L7The Best of L7: The Slash YearsCDAlbumSlash Records
L7Under the Covers7"SingleShit List RecordsBootleg
L7When the Stink Hits the FanCDAlbumKiss the StoneBootleg
L7Wireless12"AlbumEasy ActionTranslucent yellow vinyl
Lady BananaAdult Rock7"EPFrantic City Records
Lady BananaI'm Not You12"AlbumKen RockLimited edition nr 115/250, yellow cover, translucent green vinyl
Lady BananaI'm Not You12"AlbumKen RockLimited edition nr 119/250, red cover, translucent green vinyl
Lady BananaI'm Not You12"AlbumKen RockLimited edition nr 095/250, gray cover, translucent green vinyl
Lady BananaI'm Not You12"AlbumKen RockLimited edition nr 125/250, green cover, translucent green vinyl
Lady BananaI'm Not You7"SingleMilk Beaver Records
Lady BananaWall of CheeseCSAlbumFrantic City RecordsLimited to 150
Lady Banana/Skeptics, theLady Banana/The Skeptics7"EPFrantic City Records
Lady GagaThe FameCDAlbumInterscope
LalehColors12"AlbumWarnerLimited edition nr 507/600
LalehDet är vi som bestämmerCDSingleWarnerPromo
LalehForgive But Not ForgetCDSingleWarnerPaper-sleeve
LalehInvisible (My Song)CDSingleWarnerPaper-sleeve
LalehKristaller12"AlbumWarnerPink/White splatter vinyl
LalehLaleh12"AlbumWarnerLimited edition nr 238/500
LalehLive TomorrowCDSingleWarnerPaper-sleeve
LalehMe And SimonCDAlbumWarner
LalehSjung12"AlbumWarnerLimited edition nr 348/500
Lanegan, MarkThe Winding SheetCDAlbumSub Pop
Lauper, CyndiTrue Colors12"AlbumPortrait
Lava BangsQuit Continue12"AlbumLovely Records
Lava BangsQuit ContinueCDAlbumLovely Records
Lavigne, AvrilAvril LavigneCDAlbumEpic
Lavigne, AvrilComplicatedCDSingleAristaPaper-sleeve
Lavigne, AvrilF**kin' Sk8er GirlCDAlbumWonder BoyBootleg
Lavigne, AvrilFall to PiecesCDSingleArista
Lavigne, AvrilGirlfriendCDSingleRCAPaper-sleeve
Lavigne, AvrilGoodbye LullabyCD+DVDAlbumRCA
Lavigne, AvrilHe Wasn'tCDSingleArista
Lavigne, AvrilHotCDSingleRCA
Lavigne, AvrilLet GoCDAlbumArista
Lavigne, AvrilLive in SeoulDVDVideoWoodstock Tapes
Lavigne, AvrilMy Happy EndingCDSingleArista
Lavigne, AvrilMy WorldDVD+CDVideoArista
Lavigne, AvrilThe Best Damn ThingCD+DVDAlbumRCASpecial edition
Lavigne, AvrilUnder My SkinCD+DVDAlbumAristaSpecial edition
Lavigne, AvrilUnprotectedCDAlbumNatural Woman RecordsBootleg
Lavigne, AvrilWhen You're GoneCDSingleRCA
Le TigreFeminist Sweepstakes12"AlbumMr. Lady Records
Le TigreFeminist SweepstakesCDAlbumMr. Lady Records
LeadbellyEasy RiderCDAlbumCatfish
LeadbellyLeadbelly's Last Sessions - Volume One12"x2AlbumFolkways Records
LeadbellyThe Definitive LeadbellyCDx3+DVDAlbumProper Records
Led ZeppelinII12"AlbumAtlantic
Led ZeppelinIII12"AlbumAtlantic
Led ZeppelinIV12"AlbumAtlantic
Led ZeppelinLed Zeppelin12"AlbumAtlanticUS pressing
Led ZeppelinLed Zeppelin12"AlbumAtlantic
Led ZeppelinThe Soundtrack From the Film the Song Remains the Same12"AlbumWarnerOnly second record with no cover
Lennon, JohnLive in New York City12"AlbumParlophone
Lennon, JohnMilk and Honey12"AlbumPolydor
Lennon, JohnMind Games12"AlbumSounds Superb
LifehouseStanley ClimbfallCDAlbumDreamWorks
Little Trooper/Wicked PoseurLittle Trooper/Wicked Poseur7"EPSHDWPLYGray/Blue splatter vinyl
Lords of the UndergroundHere Come the LordsCDAlbumPendulum
LoveFour Sail12"AlbumElektra
LunachicksJerk of All Trades7"SingleFallopian RhapsodyNo sleeve
LunachicksPretty UglyCDAlbumGo Kart
Lurkers, theTake Me Back to BabylonCDAlbumReceiver Records
Lush/Jesus and Mary ChainLollapalooza ´92CDAlbumKiss the StoneSplit bootleg
Lynyrd SkynyrdGold & PlatinumCDx2AlbumMCA
Lynyrd SkynyrdPronounced ´Lëh-nërnd´Skin´-nërdCDAlbumMCA
Lynyrd SkynyrdSecond Helping12"AlbumMCA
MadnessIt's... Madness TooCDAlbumVirgin
MadnessNutty DreadCDAlbumBig MusicBootleg
MadnessOur House7"SingleStiff
MaimFrom the Womb to the Tomb12"AlbumSoulseller
Marley, Bob & The WailersLive!12"AlbumIsland
Marley, Bob & The WailersUprising12"AlbumIsland
Martyr AD/Scars of TomorrowOn Earth as it is in Hell/Rope Tied to the TriggerCDEPVictory RecordsSplit promo sampler, paper-sleeve
MastodonBlood Mountain12"AlbumRepriseWhite vinyl
MastodonBlood MountainCD+DVDAlbumRepriseLimited edition with a slipcase
MastodonCall of the Mastodon12"AlbumRelapse
MastodonCall of the Mastodon12"AlbumRelapseBlue vinyl
MastodonCall of the MastodonCDAlbumRelapse
MastodonCapillarian Crest7"SingleRelapse/RepriseLimited edition nr 1924, incl. poster
MastodonCappilarian CrestCDSingleRelapse/Reprise
MastodonCappilarian CrestCDSingleRelapse/RepriseWith music video
MastodonCrack the Skye12"AlbumReprise
MastodonCrack the SkyeCD+DVDAlbumRepriseLimited bullshit edition "tunnel book"
MastodonCrystal Skull7"SingleRelapseClear vinyl
MastodonLeviathan12"AlbumRelapseLimited edition, 180g vinyl pressing
MastodonLeviathan12"AlbumRelapseLimited to 500, blue/green vinyl
MastodonLeviathanCD+DVDAlbumRelapseLimited edition with a slipcase
MastodonLeviathan SamplerCDEPRelapsePromo
MastodonLifesblood7"x2EPRelapsePink and purple swirl vinyl
MastodonRemission12"x2AlbumRelapse180g vinyl pressing
MastodonRemissionCD+DVDAlbumRelapseLimited edition, digipak
MastodonSlick Leg7"EPReptilian RecordsFirst press, picture disc
MastodonSlick Leg7"EPReptilian RecordsSecond press, picture disc
MastodonThe Wolf is loose12"SingleRelapse/ReprisePicture disc
MastodonWorkhorse ChroniclesDVDVideoRelapse
Mastodon/American HeritägeEmerald/Boylover7"SingleDelboy RecordsLimited to 1000, second pressing, picture disc, split single
Mayall, JohnThe Diary of a Band - Volume Two12"AlbumDecca
mc chrisdungeon master of ceremoniesCDAlbumJet Pack Industries, LLC
mc chriseating's not cheatingCDAlbumDC Flag
mc chrisknowing is half the hassleCDAlbumDC Flag
mc chrisLife's a Bitch and I'm Her PimpCDAlbumNo Label
mc chrismc chris is dead12"Albummcchris llc
MC LarsThe GraduateCDAlbumHorris Records
McKenzie, ScottSan Francisco/What's the Difference7"SingleCBS
Meat PuppetsAlive In the NinetiesDVDVideoCornerstone
Meat PuppetsToo High to dieCDAlbumLondon
MelanieGarden in the City12"AlbumBuddah Records
Mellencamp, John...Rocks the USACDAlbumArriba!Bootleg
Mellencamp, JohnIn the Southern HemisphereCDAlbumBig MusicBootleg
Melvins10 SongsCDAlbumC/Z Records
Melvins26 SongsCDAlbumIpecac Recordings
MelvinsA Senile AnimalCDAlbumIpecac Recordings
MelvinsBullheadCDAlbumBoner Records
MelvinsChicken SwitchCDAlbumIpecac Recordings
MelvinsColossus of DestinyCDAlbumIpecac Recordings
MelvinsDale CroverCDEPBoner/Tupelo
MelvinsDr. Geek7"SingleIpecac Recordings
MelvinsEggnogCDEPBoner Records
MelvinsElectroretardCDAlbumMan's Ruin
MelvinsGluey Porch Treatments12"AlbumAlchemy Records
MelvinsGluey Porch TreatmentsCDAlbumIpecac Recordings2000 re-release
MelvinsHonkyCDAlbumAmphetamine ReptileDigipak
MelvinsHostile Ambient TakeoverCDAlbumIpecac Recordings
MelvinsHoudini12"AlbumThird Man Records180g vinyl pressing, gatefold
MelvinsHoudini Live 2005CDAlbumIpecac Recordings
MelvinsJoe PrestonCDEPBoner/Tupelo
MelvinsKing BuzzoCDEPBoner/Tupelo
MelvinsLeechCDAlbumCool Hand ProductionsBootleg
MelvinsMangled Demos From 198310"x2AlbumAlternative Tentacles
MelvinsMangled Demos From 1983CDAlbumIpecac Recordings
MelvinsMelvinsCDAlbumBoner/TupeloAlso known as "Lysol"
MelvinsNeither Here Nor ThereCDAlbumIpecac Recordings228 page book with CD
MelvinsNude With BootsCDAlbumIpecac Recordings
MelvinsOzma/Gluey Porch TreatmentsCDAlbumBoner Records
MelvinsPrickCDAlbumAmphetamine Reptile
MelvinsRevolve7"SingleSuicide SqueezeLimited edition of 2000
MelvinsSalad of a Thousand DelightsDVDVideoBox Dog Video
MelvinsSingles 1-12CDx2AlbumAmphetamine Reptile
MelvinsStoner Witch12"AlbumAtlantic
MelvinsStoner WitchCDAlbumAtlantic
MelvinsThe BootlickerCDAlbumIpecac Recordings
MelvinsThe Bride Screamed MurderCDAlbumIpecac Recordings
MelvinsThe Bulls & The Bees + ElectroretardCDAlbumIpecac RecordingsDigipak
MelvinsThe CrybabyCDAlbumIpecac Recordings
MelvinsThe MaggotCDAlbumIpecac Recordings
MelvinsYour Choice Live SeriesCDAlbumYour Choice Live Series
Melvins/FantomasMillenium MonsterworkCDAlbumIpecac Recordings
Melvins/Jello BiafraNever Breathe What You Can't SeeCDAlbumAlternative Tentacles
Melvins/Jello BiafraSieg Howdy!CDAlbumAlternative Tentacles
Melvins/LustmordPigs of the Roman EmpireCDAlbumIpecac Recordings
Men at WorkBusiness as Usual12"AlbumCBS
Metallica...And Justice for All12"x2AlbumVertigo
Metallica...And Justice for AllCDAlbumVertigo
MetallicaAll Things Must Come to an EndCDAlbumMetal MemoryBootleg
MetallicaAt Den Bosch Brabanthallen 7-12-92 Vol. 1CDAlbumSirius RecordsBootleg
MetallicaAt Den Bosch Brabanthallen 7-12-92 Vol. 2CDAlbumSirius RecordsBootleg
MetallicaBirmingham Bondage Part TwoCDAlbumMetallex RecordsBootleg
MetallicaCreeping DeathCDAlbumHot MetalBootleg
MetallicaDamaged Justice '88-'89CDx2AlbumNo LabelBootleg
MetallicaDeath MagneticCDAlbumVertigo
MetallicaDemolitionCDAlbumPoetry in MotionBootleg
MetallicaDetroit Bad BoysCDx2AlbumDeep RecordsBootleg
MetallicaDon't Treat on UsCDAlbumDeep RecordsBootleg
MetallicaEnter MainhattanCDAlbumÄppelwoi-Bembel RecordsBootleg
MetallicaFour Horsemen in BrooklynCDAlbumMetal MessBootleg
MetallicaGarage Inc.CDx2AlbumVertigo
MetallicaGarage Sessions Vol. 2CDAlbumKobra RecordsBootleg
MetallicaHardwired...To Self-DestructCDx3AlbumBlackened RecordingsDeluxe Edition
MetallicaInfernal GodsCDx2AlbumBugsy RecordsBootleg
MetallicaKill 'Em All12"AlbumMusic for Nations
MetallicaKill 'Em All12"x4+CDx5+DVDBOXBlackened RecordingsDeluxe limited edition nr 20090/30000
MetallicaKill 'Em AllCDAlbumVertigo
MetallicaL.A. For A Fuckin' BeerCDAlbumNot GuiltyBootleg
MetallicaLiberté, Égalité, Fraternité, Metallica!CDAlbumBlackened RecordingsDigipak, nr 10375/20000
MetallicaLive at Great Western ForumCDx2AlbumNo LabelBootleg
MetallicaLive at the StadiumCDx2AlbumNo LabelBootleg
MetallicaLive Before Death Vol. OneCDAlbumGolden StarsBootleg
MetallicaLive in ArgentinaCDx2AlbumBig MusicBootleg
MetallicaLive in ConcertCDAlbumTop SoundBootleg
MetallicaLive Long Island 20.12.91CDAlbumAckonBootleg
MetallicaLive USACDAlbumImtratBootleg
MetallicaLive USACDx2AlbumImtratBootleg
MetallicaLive Vol.2CDAlbumJokerBootleg
MetallicaMaster of Puppets12"x2AlbumUniversal
MetallicaMaster of PuppetsCDAlbumVertigo
MetallicaMetal MastersCDx2AlbumBlack CatBootleg, longbox digipak
MetallicaMetalian Winter 1988/89CDAlbumPoetry in MotionBootleg
MetallicaMotorcity MadnessCDx2AlbumDeep RecordsBootleg
MetallicaNew Skulls for the Old Ceremony (The Cover Versions)CDAlbumSkull Juice-RecordsBootleg
MetallicaNo Limits, No LawsCDAlbumKiss the StoneBootleg
MetallicaNuremberg TrialsCDAlbumBlack CatBootleg, digipak
MetallicaRide the Lightning12"AlbumMusic for Nations
MetallicaRide the Lightning12"x4+CDx6+DVDBOXBlackened RecordingsDeluxe limited edition nr 15898/30000
MetallicaRide the LightningCDAlbumVertigo
MetallicaRoaming in Sweden 921212CDx2AlbumCold Metal RecordsBootleg
MetallicaRough JusticeCDAlbumBlue Moon RecordsBootleg
MetallicaSt. AngerCD+DVDAlbumVertigoDigipak
MetallicaStone Cold CrazyCDx2AlbumUniversal MusicBootleg
MetallicaStorm at WalhallaCDAlbumFWDBootleg
MetallicaThe $5.98 E.P.: Garage Days Re-Revisited12"EPElektra
MetallicaThe $5.98 E.P.: Garage Days Re-Revisited ...And MoreCDAlbumNo LabelBootleg
MetallicaThe Best ofCDAlbumKTSPirate
MetallicaThe Four SandmenCDAlbumDeep RecordsBootleg
MetallicaTotally Destroy CanadaCDx2AlbumKiss the StoneBootleg
MetallicaWorld Tour '93CDx3AlbumOHM Digital RecordingsBootleg
Methodists, theCookieCDAlbumMock Records
MillaGentleman Who Fell7"SingleSBK Records/EMI
MillaGentleman Who FellCDSingleSBK RecordsPaper-sleeve
MillaGentleman Who FellCDSingleSBK Records/EMI
MillaMillaCDEPSBK RecordsPromo
MillaThe Divine Comedy12"AlbumSBK RecordsGreek pressing
MillaThe Divine ComedyCDAlbumSBK RecordsCanadian pressing
MillaThe Divine ComedyCDAlbumSBK RecordsUK pressing
MillaThe Divine ComedyCSAlbumSBK Records
MillencolinFor MonkeysCDAlbumBurning Heart Records
MillencolinLife on a PlateCDAlbumBurning Heart Records
MillencolinSame Old TunesCDAlbumBurning Heart Records
MillencolinSkauch7"EPBurning Heart Records
MillencolinThe Melancholy CollectionCDAlbumBurning Heart Records
MillencolinThe Story of My Life7"SingleBurning Heart Records
MillencolinTiny TunesCDAlbumBurning Heart RecordsRe-called version of "Same Old Tunes" with different artwork
Millions of Dead CopsMillions of Dead Cops/More Dead CopsCDAlbumRadical/Boner
Millions of Dead CopsThis Blood's For You12"AlbumR Radical Records
MinistryFilth PigCDAlbumWarner
MinistryPsalm: 69CDAlbumSire/Warner
Minogue, KylieAphrodite les Folies [Live in London]CDx2+DVDAlbumParlophone
Minogue, KylieEnjoy Yourself12"AlbumPWL
Minogue, KylieFeverCDx2AlbumParlophoneSpecial edition in slipcase
Minogue, KylieGreatest Hits 87-97CDx2AlbumPWL
Minogue, KylieKylie12"AlbumPWL
Minogue, KylieRythm of Love12"AlbumPWL
Minogue, KylieShowgirl Homecoming LiveCDx2AlbumParlophone/EMI
Minogue, KylieUltimate KylieCDx2AlbumParlophone/EMI
Minogue, KylieXCD+DVDAlbumParlophoneSpecial edition in slipcase
Minor ThreatComplete DiscographyCDAlbumDischord
Minor ThreatMinor Threat12"AlbumDischordGreen vinyl
Minor ThreatOut of Step12"AlbumDischordRed stripe
MinutemenDouble Nickles on the DimeCDAlbumSST Records
Miss UniversumSelfelectedCDAlbumNONS Records
Missing Links, theThe Missing Links12"AlbumCorduroyLimited edition nr 234/1000
Modest MouseGood News for People Who Love Bad NewsCDAlbumEpic
MolokenOur Astral CircleCDAlbumDiscouraged RecordsDigipak
MolokenWe All Face the Dark AloneCDEPDiscouraged RecordsDigipak
MonsterA Brief History ofCDAlbumStartracks
MonsterRockers DelightCDAlbumMVG Records
Morisette, AlanisJagged Little PillCDAlbumMaverick/Reprise
Morissette, AlanisMTV UnpluggedCDAlbumMaverick
Morricone, EnnioFor a Few Dollars More/A Fistful of Dollars12"AlbumRCA Camden
MossTombs of the Blind DruggedCDEPRise AboveDigipak
Mother Love BoneMother Love BoneCDx2AlbumPolydor
MozartMusikaliska MästerverkCDAlbumMMIVBookstyle digipak
MudhoneyFuzzbustersCDAlbumKiss the StoneBootleg
MudhoneyGrunge 'R' Us7"SingleJugotonBootleg
MudhoneyHere Comes Sickness - The Best of the BBC RecordingsCDAlbumStrange Fruit
MudhoneyLet it Slide7"SingleSub PopHas the "Singles Club" card
MudhoneyMarch to FuzzCDx2AlbumSub PopDigipak
MudhoneyMudhoney12"AlbumSub PopGray Vinyl
MudhoneyMudhoney7"x2EPBlow PopBootleg
MudhoneyMudhoneyCDAlbumSub Pop
MudhoneyPiece of CakeCDAlbumReprise
MudhoneySince We've Become TranslucentCDAlbumSub PopPromo, paper-sleeve
MudhoneySuck You DryCDAlbumPluto RecordsBootleg
MudhoneySuperfuzz Big Muff plus Early SinglesCDAlbumSub Pop
MudhoneySuperfuzz Bigmuff Deluxe EditionCDx2AlbumSub Pop
MudhoneyUnder a Billion SunsCDAlbumSub PopAutographed by the band
Mudhoney/Gas HufferYou Stupid Asshole/Knife Manual7"SingleEmpty Records
Muffs, theBlonder and BlonderCDAlbumReprise
MuseHullabalooDVDx2VideoTaste Media Ltd
MuseOrigin of SymmetryCDAlbumTaste Media Ltd
Music Machine, the(Turn on) the Music Machine12"AlbumBig Beat Records
My RuinTo Britain With Love... and BruisesCDAlbumSnapper MusicLimited tour edition nr 5549/10.000
N.W.AGreatest HitsCDAlbumRuthless/Priority
N.W.AStraight Out of Compton 20th Anniversary EditionCDAlbumRuthless/Priority
Naked RaygunBasement ScreamsCDAlbumQuarterstick
Naked RaygunThrob ThrobCDAlbumQuarterstick
NebulaApolloCDAlbumSweet Nothing
Newsom, JoannaDivers12"x2AlbumDrag City
Newsom, JoannaDiversCDAlbumDrag CityDigipak
Newsom, JoannaDiversCSAlbumDrag City
Newsom, JoannaHave One on Me12"x3AlbumDrag City
Newsom, JoannaHave One on MeCDx3AlbumDrag CityBox
Newsom, JoannaJoanna Newsom & The Ys Street Band E.P.12"EPDrag CityStill sealed
Newsom, JoannaJoanna Newsom & The Ys Street Band E.P.CDEPDrag CityDigipak
Newsom, JoannaSprout and the BeanCDSingleDrag CityPaper-sleeve
Newsom, JoannaThe Milk-Eyed Mender12"AlbumDrag City
Newsom, JoannaThe Milk-Eyed MenderCDAlbumDrag CityDigipak
Newsom, JoannaWhat We Have Known12"SingleDrag CityStill sealed
Newsom, JoannaYs12"x2AlbumDrag City
Newsom, JoannaYsCDAlbumDrag CityComes in a slipcase
Niblett, ScoutThe Calcination of Scout Niblett12"AlbumDrag City
Niblett, ScoutThis Fool Can Die Now 12"AlbumToo Pure
NicoChelsea Girl12"AlbumPolydor
Night TerrorNight Terror12"AlbumBeluga/Ghost HighwayLimited to 200, clear vinyl
Nirvana XXII II MCMXCIVCDAlbumOctopusBootleg
Nirvana17 Nussbaum Road, 1st ExperienceCDAlbumSmall CloneBootleg
NirvanaA Higher State of MindCDAlbumKiss the StoneBootleg
NirvanaA Message From NirvanaCDAlbumArriba!Bootleg
NirvanaA Season in Hell - Part OneCDx3BOXBanzaiBootleg, box with a booklet
NirvanaA Season in Hell - Part TwoCDx3BOXRazor's EdgeBootleg, box with a booklet
NirvanaAbout a GirlCDSingleGeffenAustralian pressing, limited edition nr 240, paper-sleeve
NirvanaAcross AmericaCDx2AlbumNo LabelBootleg
NirvanaAll AcousticallyCDAlbumKiss the StoneBootleg, second pressing
NirvanaAll Apologies7"SingleGeffen
NirvanaAll ApologiesCDSingleGeffenPromo
NirvanaAll ApologiesCDSingleGeffenGerman pressing
NirvanaAmerican Accoustic Tour - LiveCDAlbumJD RecordsBootleg
NirvanaAmsterdam 91CDAlbumStentorBootleg
NirvanaAmsterdam 91CDAlbumStentorBootleg, first pressing
NirvanaBang TangoCDAlbumNo LabelBootleg
NirvanaBanned for LifeCDAlbumPluto RecordsBootleg, jewel case pressing
NirvanaBanned for LifeCDAlbumPluto RecordsBootleg, digipak pressing
NirvanaBeautiful DemiseCDx2AlbumPrimadonnaBootleg, first pressing
NirvanaBeen a SoonCDAlbumNo LabelBootleg
NirvanaBefore and After the StormCDAlbumPseudo Indie LabelBootleg
NirvanaBleach12"AlbumTupeloThird pressing
NirvanaBleach12"AlbumSub PopPink vinyl
NirvanaBleach12"AlbumSub Pop1999 pressing
NirvanaBleach12"AlbumGeffenUK pirate picture disc
NirvanaBleach12"AlbumSub Pop/WaterfrontBlue vinyl, blue sleeve
NirvanaBleachCDAlbumTupeloSilver lettering on front artwork
NirvanaBleachCDAlbumSub Pop
NirvanaBleachCSAlbumGeffenPolish pressing
NirvanaBleach Out! Break Out!CDAlbumSmall CloneBootleg, original first pressing
NirvanaBleach Sessions12"AlbumTupeloBootleg
NirvanaBleach: Deluxe Edition12"x2AlbumSub PopWhite vinyl
NirvanaBleach: Deluxe EditionCDAlbumSub PopDigipak
NirvanaBlew12"EPTupeloLimited edition of 3000
NirvanaBlind PigCDAlbumCocomelos RecordsBootleg
NirvanaBlind Pig BeginningsCDAlbumClassics LimitedBootleg
NirvanaBranlez-VousCDAlbumNo LabelBootleg
NirvanaCome As You Are12"SingleGeffen
NirvanaCome as You Are12"SingleGeffenLimited edition picture disc, die-cut sleeve
NirvanaCome As You AreCDAlbumOn StageBootleg
NirvanaCome as You AreCDSingleGeffenDigipak, still sealed
NirvanaCome As You AreCSSingleGeffenPaper-case
NirvanaCome as You Are/Endless, Nameless7"SingleGeffen
NirvanaComplete Cover VersionsCDAlbumNo LabelBootleg
NirvanaComplete Cover VersionsCDAlbumNo LabelBootleg, second pressing w/ different artwork
NirvanaComplete Reading Festival 1992CDx2AlbumNo LabelBootleg
NirvanaDeepCDAlbumRed Devil MusicBootleg, digipak
NirvanaDigital NirvanaCDAlbumNo LabelBootleg
NirvanaDown Under '92CDx2AlbumBlack CatBootleg, longbox digipak
NirvanaDressed for SuccesCDAlbumPrimadonnaBootleg
NirvanaDumbCDAlbumKiss the StoneBootleg, first pressing
NirvanaEarly Single Collection Vol 1CDAlbumJewels of LiveBootleg
NirvanaEurope 1991CDAlbumPost ScriptBootleg
NirvanaFecal MatterCDAlbumPrimadonnaBootleg
NirvanaFire ExtinguisherCDAlbumLauraBootleg, EU pressing with thick inlays
NirvanaFire ExtinguisherCDAlbumLauraBootleg, Japanese pressing with sticker
NirvanaFirework NightCDAlbumDeep RecordsBootleg
NirvanaFirst Live ShowCDAlbumNo LabelBootleg, first pressing with white border on front inlay
NirvanaForum 89CDAlbumStentorBootleg, yellow lettering
NirvanaForum 89CDAlbumStentorBootleg, green lettering
NirvanaForum 89CDAlbumStentorBootleg, pink lettering
NirvanaFrom the Muddy Banks of the Wishkah12"x2AlbumGeffen
NirvanaFrom the Muddy Banks of the WishkahCDAlbumGeffen
NirvanaFrom the Muddy Banks of the WishkahCSAlbumGeffen
NirvanaGreatest Hits Live & Assorted RaritiesCDAlbumForbidden FruitBootleg
NirvanaGrunge is DeadCDAlbumSeattle SoundsBootleg, EU pressing
NirvanaHad it AllCDAlbumMadmanBootleg
NirvanaHeart Shaped RomeCDAlbumKobra RecordsBootleg
NirvanaHeart-Shaped Box12"SingleGeffen
NirvanaHeart-Shaped BoxCDSingleGeffenFrench pressing
NirvanaHeart-Shaped BoxCDSingleGeffenFrench pressing, darker miscut insert
NirvanaHeart-Shaped Box/Marigold7"SingleGeffen
NirvanaHeaven Can WaitCDAlbumSwindle RecordsBootleg
NirvanaHelp Me, I'm HungryCDAlbumSmall CloneBootleg, original first pressing
NirvanaHormoaning12"EPGeffenLimited edition of 4000, burgundy swirl vinyl
NirvanaHormoaningCDEPGeffenPirate, australian version
NirvanaHormoaningCDEPGeffenPirate, japanese version
NirvanaHormoaningCDEPGeffenOriginal japanese version
NirvanaHow All StartedCDAlbumExtendead RecordsBootleg
NirvanaI Hate Myself and I Want to DieCDAlbumMetal CrashBootleg
NirvanaI Hate Myself and I Want to DieCDAlbumMetal CrashBootleg, first pressing
NirvanaI Hate Myself and I Want to DieCDx2AlbumBugsy RecordsBootleg
NirvanaI Love Myself and I Want to LiveCDAlbumLive StormBootleg
NirvanaIn BloomCDSingleGeffenAustralian pressing, paper-sleeve
NirvanaIn Extremis - Nirvana RemixedCDAlbumForbidden FruitBootleg
NirvanaIn Memoriam Kurt CobainCDAlbumArriba!Bootleg
NirvanaIn Memory of "Kurdt Kobain"CDx2AlbumSmall Clone2006 re-issue
NirvanaIn Memory Of "Kurdt Kobain" 2CDAlbumSmall Clone2006 re-issue
NirvanaIn Memory of KurtCDAlbumOn StageBootleg
NirvanaIn the BloomCDAlbumLove & MoneyBootleg, purple pressing with slipcase
NirvanaIn the RawCDAlbumSwindle RecordsBootleg
NirvanaIn the Shadows of the SunCDAlbumKiss the StoneBootleg
NirvanaIn Utero12"AlbumGeffen
NirvanaIn Utero12"AlbumGeffenLimited edition, simply vinyl 180g pressing
NirvanaIn Utero12"AlbumGeffenUK pirate picture disc, misprinted with the "Nevermind" songs.
NirvanaIn Utero12"x3AlbumGeffenDeluxe Edition
NirvanaIn UteroCDAlbumGeffenUS Wal-Mart release
NirvanaIn UteroCDAlbumGeffenEU release with "Gallons..."
NirvanaIn UteroCDx2AlbumGeffenDeluxe Edition
NirvanaIn UteroCDx3+DVDBOXGeffenSuper Deluxe Edition
NirvanaIn UteroCSAlbumGeffen/StallionsSaudi Arabia release
NirvanaIn Utero DemosCDAlbumCollectors PleasureBootleg
NirvanaIncesticide12"AlbumGeffenLimited edition, blue swirl vinyl
NirvanaInto the BlackCDx6BOXTributeBootleg, box with a booklet
Nirvanait wasn't the first time in history that a monster was mistaken for a godCDAlbumCapitolBootleg
NirvanaIt's All Going WrongCDAlbumHawkBootleg
NirvanaKurkoCDAlbumSounds Good MateBootleg, second pressing
NirvanaLast Concert in JapanCDAlbumKiss the StoneBootleg
NirvanaLegacy of NoiseCDAlbumPrimadonnaBootleg
NirvanaLithiumCDSingleGeffenAustralian pressing, paper-sleeve
NirvanaLithiumCDSingleGeffenUS pressing, jewel case version
NirvanaLithium/Been A SonCSSingleGeffen
NirvanaLiveCDAlbumStar BoxBootleg
NirvanaLive and Demo(n)sCDx2AlbumSwindle RecordsBootleg
NirvanaLive and LoudDVDVideoGeffen
NirvanaLive at Duffy'sCDAlbumRupertBootleg
NirvanaLive at Hollywood Rock Festival 93CDx2AlbumNo LabelBootleg
NirvanaLive at Hollywood Rock Festival 93CDx2AlbumNo LabelBootleg, red second disc
NirvanaLive at Reading12"x2AlbumGeffen
NirvanaLive at ReadingCDAlbumGeffenDigipak
NirvanaLive at ReadingDVD+CDAlbumGeffen
NirvanaLive at the ParamountDVDVideoGeffen
NirvanaLive at the U4CDAlbumInterscope RecordsBootleg, digipak
NirvanaLive at Verdun AuditoriumCDAlbumMontserrat RecordsBootleg
NirvanaLive BuzzCDAlbumTeen SpiritBootleg
NirvanaLive From the Reading Festival 23 August 1991 12"AlbumBig Noise RecordsBootleg
NirvanaLive In Austin, TexasCDAlbumCool Daddy ProductionsBootleg
NirvanaLive in Europe 1991VHSVideoNo LabelBootleg
NirvanaLive in Long Beach California USA 19 90VHSVideoHell Video ProductionsBootleg
NirvanaLive in SeattleCDAlbumCool Daddy ProductionsBootleg
NirvanaLive in Seattle '93CDAlbumThe Swingin' PigBootleg
NirvanaLive in Seattle, WA 1993VHSVideoNo LabelBootleg
NirvanaLive! Tonight! Sold Out!!DVDVideoGeffen
NirvanaLive! Tonight! Sold Out!!VHSVideoGeffen
NirvanaLove Buzz/Big Cheese7"SingleSub PopOriginal and official, nr 978/1000
NirvanaMartkhalle Hamburg 11.11.1991CDAlbumNo LabelBootleg
NirvanaMindblowerCDAlbumSmall CloneBootleg, second pressing
NirvanaMindblowerCDAlbumSmall CloneBootleg, original first pressing
NirvanaMissing in ActionCDAlbumA-BombBootleg
NirvanaMorituri Te Salutant! Never Mind - Here Comes NirvanaCDAlbumKarma RecordsBootleg
NirvanaMr. Kurdt KobainCDAlbumTubeBootleg
NirvanaMurder by GuitarCDAlbumMaster SoundBootleg, first pressing
NirvanaMurder by GuitarCDAlbumMaster SoundBootleg, later pressing
NirvanaNevermind12"AlbumGeffenUK pirate picture disc
NirvanaNevermind12"x4AlbumGeffenDeluxe edition
NirvanaNevermindCDAlbumGeffenWith "Endless, Nameless"
NirvanaNevermindCDx2AlbumGeffenDeluxe edition
NirvanaNevermindCDx4+DVDBOXGeffenSuper deluxe edition
NirvanaNevermindDVDVideoEagle Vision
NirvanaNew Year's EveCDx2AlbumTributeBootleg
NirvanaNirvana12"x2AlbumGeffen2015 180g vinyl pressing
NirvanaNirvanaCDAlbumGeffenEU release
NirvanaNirvanaCDAlbumGeffenPolish pirate
NirvanaNo Place Like HomeCDAlbumMurphy RecordsBootleg, digipak
NirvanaOsaka 1992CDAlbumZodiacBootleg, limited edition sticker #147
NirvanaOut of the BlueCDAlbumOctopusBootleg
NirvanaOutcesticide 5 - Gone, But Not ForgottenCDAlbumBlue MoonBootleg
NirvanaOutcesticide I - In Memory of Kurt CobainCDAlbumBlue Moon RecordsBootleg, first pressing, PIGEON matrix
NirvanaOutcesticide I - In Memory of Kurt CobainCDAlbumBlue Moon RecordsBootleg, second pressing, REDEYE matrix
NirvanaOutcesticide I - In Memory of Kurt Cobain - Remastered EditionCDAlbumBlue Moon RecordsBootleg, first pressing
NirvanaOutcesticide I - In Memory of Kurt Cobain - Remastered EditionCDAlbumBlue Moon RecordsBootleg, clone with different artwork
NirvanaOutcesticide I - In Memory of Kurt Cobain - Remastered EditionCDAlbumBlue Moon RecordsBootleg, clone with different disc
NirvanaOutcesticide II - The Needle and the Damage DoneCDAlbumBlue Moon RecordsBootleg
NirvanaOutcesticide II - The Needle and the Damage DoneCDAlbumBlue Moon RecordsBootleg, clone with different artwork
NirvanaOutcesticide II - The Needle and the Damage DoneCDAlbumBlue Moon RecordsBootleg, first pressing, OLI matrix
NirvanaOutcesticide III - The Final SolutionCDAlbumBlue Moon RecordsBootleg
NirvanaOutcesticide III - The Final SolutionCDAlbumBlue Moon RecordsBootleg, first pressing, C 2402 matrix
NirvanaOutcesticide IV - Rape of the VaultsCDAlbumBlue Moon RecordsBootleg
NirvanaOutcesticide IV - Rape of the VaultsCDAlbumBlue Moon RecordsBootleg, first pressing, ROBIN matrix
NirvanaOutcesticide V - DisintegrationCDAlbumBlue Moon RecordsBootleg
NirvanaOutcesticide Vol. 1CDAlbumKobra RecordsBootleg
NirvanaOutcesticide Vol. 2CDAlbumKobra RecordsBootleg
NirvanaOutcesticide Vol. 3CDAlbumKobra RecordsBootleg
NirvanaOutcesticide Vol. 4CDAlbumKobra RecordsBootleg
NirvanaOutcesticide Vol. 5CDAlbumKobra RecordsBootleg
NirvanaOutcesticide Vol. 6CDAlbumKobra RecordsBootleg
NirvanaOutcesticide Vol. 7CDAlbumKobra RecordsBootleg
NirvanaParadiso LostCDAlbumNo LabelBootleg, first pressing
NirvanaPennyroyal TeaCDSingleGeffenOriginal and official, Sonopress matrix
NirvanaPennyroyal Tea/I Hate Myself and Want to Die7"SingleGeffenRecord Store Day 2014 edition
NirvanaPorch SongsCDAlbumBugsy RecordsBootleg
NirvanaRape Me Again - The Full ShowCDx2AlbumNo LabelBootleg
NirvanaRare TraxxCDAlbumShinolaBootleg
NirvanaReading 91CDAlbumCobain NoiseBootleg
NirvanaRevolutionary DebrisCDAlbumBored SoundBootleg
NirvanaRomaCDAlbumKiss the StoneBootleg, first pressing
NirvanaRough Tapes (Bleeding Years)CDAlbumMetal CrashBootleg
NirvanaSan Diego ´91CDAlbumArriba!Bootleg
NirvanaSan Francisco 1993CDAlbumRarities & FewBootleg
NirvanaSeattle Sound, Sounds GreatCDAlbumInsect RecordsBootleg
NirvanaSeattle, WA. September 21 1991CDAlbum5 Fingers RecordingBootleg
NirvanaSeventh Heaven12"AlbumXS RecordsBootleg
NirvanaSeventh HeavenCDAlbumKiss the StoneBootleg
NirvanaSeventh HeavenCDAlbumKiss the StoneBootleg, possible first pressing
NirvanaShotgun WeddingCDAlbumHigh LiveBootleg
NirvanaSingles10"x4BOXGeffenAll four singles of "Nevermind"
NirvanaSinglesCDx6BOXGeffenBox with all singles of "Nevermind" and "In Utero"
NirvanaSliver and DumbCDAlbumThe Flying TigersBootleg
NirvanaSliver the Best of the BoxCDAlbumGeffen
NirvanaSliver/Dive7"SingleSub PopFirst pressing
NirvanaSliver/Dive7"SingleSub PopThird pressing
NirvanaSliver/Dive7"SingleSub PopGatefold, third pressing
NirvanaSliver/Dive7"SingleSub PopCounterfeit
NirvanaSmells Like NirvanaCDAlbumSherwoodBootleg
NirvanaSmells Like NirvanaCDAlbumFlashback World ProductionsBootleg
NirvanaSmells Like Punk SpiritCDAlbumPost ScriptBootleg
NirvanaSmells Like Teen Spirit12"SingleGeffen
NirvanaSmells Like Teen SpiritCDSingleGeffenUK pressing, digipak
NirvanaSmells Like Teen SpiritCDSingleGeffenUS pressing, digipak
NirvanaSmells Like Teen Spirit/Drain You7"SingleGeffen
NirvanaSmells Like Teen Spirit/Even in His Youth7"SingleGeffenFrench pressing
NirvanaSmells Like Teen Spirit/Even In His YouthCSSingleGeffenPaper-case
NirvanaSmells Like...CDAlbumNo LabelBootleg
NirvanaStiff DrinksCDAlbumBaby FaceBootleg
NirvanaSuicide Solution?CDAlbumKobra RecordsBootleg, first pressing
NirvanaSupercolossal Big MuffCDAlbumSmall CloneBootleg, original first pressing
NirvanaSupersonicCDAlbumBlack CatBootleg, digipak
NirvanaSydney 1992CDAlbumNoise GeneratorBootleg
NirvanaTacoma 1987CDAlbumCrackerBootleg
NirvanaTalk to me 1989-1993DVDVideoMasterplanPirate
NirvanaTeen Spirit - A Tribute to Kurt CobainDVDVideoCrystal Alpha Limited
NirvanaTeen Spirit - A Tribute to Kurt CobainVHSVideoCrystal Alpha Limited
NirvanaThe Bark Not the BiteCDAlbumNo LabelInterview CD
NirvanaThe ClubCDAlbumBugsy RecordsBootleg
NirvanaThe Complete Radio SessionsCDAlbumBlue Moon RecordsBootleg, BM CD18 matrix
NirvanaThe Complete Radio SessionsCDAlbumBlue Moon RecordsBootleg, BMCD018 matrix
NirvanaThe Complete Radio SessionsCDAlbumBlue Moon RecordsBootleg, BMCD 18 matrix
NirvanaThe Complete Radio SessionsCDAlbumBlue Moon RecordsBootleg, BM CD18 matrix, genuine Blue Moon pressing
NirvanaThe DemotapesCDAlbumKiss the StoneBootleg
NirvanaThe Eternal LegacyCDAlbumKiss the StoneBootleg
NirvanaThe Last UK ShowCDAlbumKMABootleg
NirvanaThe Live SpiritCDAlbumLiving Legend RecordsBootleg
NirvanaThe Lost ConcertCDAlbumAmerican FlyBootleg
NirvanaThe Man Who Sold the WorldCDSingleGeffenPromo
NirvanaThe MasqueradeCDAlbumFoam HeadBootleg
NirvanaTokyo 1992CDAlbumZodiacBootleg, limited edition sticker #216
NirvanaTribute to Kurt Cobain Series Vol.4 - Soundboard Recording Live 1990CDAlbumNo LabelBootleg
NirvanaTrick or TreatCDAlbumKiss the StoneBootleg
NirvanaTrust No-OneCDAlbumSodium Hypochlorite RecordingsBootleg
NirvanaTwilight of the GodsCDAlbumGolden Grunge RecordsBootleg
NirvanaUltimate Collection Volume 1CDAlbumNo LabelBootleg, digipak
NirvanaUltra Rare Cover VersionsCDAlbumUltimate SoundBootleg
NirvanaUltra Rare Trax Vol 3CDAlbumUltra RecordsBootleg
NirvanaUnleashed!CDx2AlbumHot Love RecordsBootleg, first pressing
NirvanaUnplugged & In Utero The DemosCDAlbumBefore & After MusicBootleg
NirvanaUnplugged in New York12"AlbumGeffen
NirvanaUnplugged in New York12"AlbumGeffenUK pirate picture disc
NirvanaUnplugged in New YorkCDAlbumGeffen
NirvanaUnplugged in New YorkDVDVideoGeffen
NirvanaUnplugged Live USACDAlbumLSD RecordsBootleg
NirvanaUp in SmokeCDx2AlbumKiss the StoneBootleg
NirvanaVa Te Faire EnculerCDx2AlbumBugsy RecordsBootleg
NirvanaVirgin SongsCDAlbumPaper Corn MusicBootleg
NirvanaWelcome to ItalyCDAlbumKobra RecordsBootleg
NirvanaWestwood One 1992CSAlbumTwin Pigs TapesBootleg
NirvanaWhere Were You In `89?CDAlbumDeep RecordsBootleg
NirvanaWhiplash12"ALbumBig Fix RecordsBootleg
NirvanaWipeout12"AlbumBig Wave RecordsBootleg
NirvanaWiredCDAlbumSeattle SoundsBootleg
NirvanaWith the Lights OutCDx3+DVDBOXGeffen
NirvanaXXII II MCMXCIVCDAlbumOctopusBootleg, clone
NirvanaYou Know You're RightCDRSingleGeffenFactory pressed CDR promo issued by Geffen
Nirvana/Fluid, theMolly's Lips/Candy7"SingleSub PopGreen vinyl
Nirvana/Fluid, theMolly's Lips/Candy7"SingleSub PopBlack vinyl
No DoubtReturn of SaturnCDAlbumInterscope
No DoubtRock SteadyCDAlbumInterscope
No DoubtTragic KingdomCDAlbumInterscope
No WTO Combo, theLive From the Battle in SeattleCDAlbumAlternative Tentacles
NOFXBobCDAlbumHot ShotsBootleg
NorskaNorskaCDAlbumNorska Rock
NotsLive at Third Man7"SingleThird Man Records
NotsWe Are Nots12"AlbumGoner
NotsWe Are Nots12"+7"AlbumHeavenly
November2:a November12"AlbumSonetGatefold
NovemberEn ny tid är här...12"AlbumSonet
Obel, AgnesAventine/Philharmonics12"x2+CDx2AlbumPIAS Recordings
Obel, AgnesCitizen of Glass12"AlbumPIAS Recordings
Ocean ChiefTorCDAlbum12th Records
Oil TastersOil Tasters12"AlbumThermidor
Oil TastersOil TastersCDAlbumLexicon Devil
Oil TastersThat's When the Brick Goes Through the Window7"SingleVarious RecordsSelf-released
Oil TastersWhat's In Your Mouth?/Get out of the Bathroom7"SingleNo LabelSelf-released
Old Kerry McKeeWooden SongsCDAlbumThe GreatestPaper-sleeve
Olsen, AngelMy Woman12"AlbumJagjaguwarTranslucent purple vinyl
Optimus RhymeSchool the Indie RockersCDAlbumNarcofunkDigipak
Outta Place, theWe're Outta Place 12"EPMidnight Records
PanteraCastle Domination 1994CDAlbumOctopusBootleg
PanteraDamnationCDAlbumBaby CaponeBootleg
PanteraEurope 1993CDAlbumLive StormBootleg
PanteraFar Beyond DrivenCDAlbumEastwest
PanteraFour Cow-Boys From HellCDAlbumMetal CrashBootleg
PanteraFucking Hostile Cowboys From HellCDAlbumTeenage Wasteland RecordsBootleg
PanteraIn the Skin !CDAlbumNo LabelBootleg
PanteraThe Great Southern TrendkillCDAlbumEastwest
PanteraVulgar Display of PowerCDAlbumAtco
PanteraVulgar Display of PowerCD+DVDAlbumAtcoDeluxe edition
PC WorshipLive Reduxion7"EPSHDWPLY/World WarPurple swirl vinyl
Pearl Jam5 AliveCDAlbumKiss the StoneBootleg
Pearl JamI've Got a FeelingCDAlbumTake it or Leave it MusicBootleg
Pearl JamLive & Alive Vol.1CDAlbumImtratBootleg
Pearl JamNo Fuckin' Messiah!!CDAlbumOctopusBootleg
Pearl JamThe Versus SessionsCDAlbumLive StormBootleg
Pearl JamUnplugged...And A Little PluggedCDAlbumMusic With LoveBootleg
Pearl JamWe're Gonna HungryCDAlbumWhy NotBootleg
Perry, KatyOne of the BoysCDAlbumCapitol
Peter, Paul & MaryAlbum12"AlbumWarner
Peter, Paul & MaryAlbum 170012"AlbumWarner
Peter, Paul & MaryIn the Wind12"AlbumWarner
Peter, Paul & MaryThe Best of12"AlbumWarner
Peter, Paul & MaryThe Most Beautiful Songs of12"x2AlbumWarner
Piaf, EdithL´ ImmortelleCDAlbumEMI
Picasso TriggerValentine/Calling God7"SingleJettison
Pink FloydUmmagumma12"x2AlbumHarvest
Pissed JeansHoneys12"AlbumSub Pop
Pissed JeansHope for Men12"AlbumSub Pop
Pissed JeansKing of Jeans12"AlbumSub PopGold swirl vinyl
Pissed JeansShallow12"+7"AlbumSub Pop
Pissed JeansWhy Love Now12"AlbumSub PopLoser edition, lavender vinyl
PixiesAcoustic Live in NewportDVDVideoEagle Vision
PixiesAll Over the WorldCDAlbumKiss the StoneBootleg
PixiesAt the BBCCDAlbum4AD
PixiesComplete 'B' SidesCDAlbum4AD
PixiesDeath to the PixiesCDx2Album4AD
PixiesDoolittle 25CDx3Album4AD
PixiesLive at the Paradise in BostonDVDVideoWarner
PixiesLive In Toronto, ON 11.24.04CDx2AlbumDiscLiveDigipak
PixiesPixiesCDAlbumCooking Vinyl
PixiesRough DiamondsCDAlbumBlue Moon RecordsBootleg
PixiesSell OutDVDVideoWarner
PixiesSituation RedCDAlbumCocomelos RecordsBootleg
PixiesSurfer Rosa12"Album4AD2004 re-issue
PixiesSurfer Rosa/Come on PilgrimCDAlbum4AD
PixiesThe Twelve Final Shows: Boston December 9 2004CDx2AlbumNo LabelDigipak, limited edition 1336/2500
PixiesTromple le MondeCDAlbum4AD
PixiesVelouriaCDAlbumKiss the StoneBootleg
Pixies/Sex Clark FiveGouge Away/I Got the Music in Me7"SingleEvatone SoundsheetsFlexi promo given away with no. 38 of the Bob magazine
PlaceboWithout You I'm NothingCDAlbumVirgin
Plötslig MåndagMotljus Gör Mig Snygg/Ingenting I Din Hjärna7"SingleVanlig Fredag Skivor
Pookie Syndrome, theThe Pookie Syndrome7"EPDiscouraged RecordsBlue swirl vinyl
Pop, IggyLust for LifeCDAlbumVirgin
Pop, IggyNude & Rude - The Best of Iggy PopCDAlbumVirgin
PorkliftPrime CutsCDAlbumMNV Records Group
PornWine, Women and Song...CDAlbumSmall Stone
Posies, theFrosting on the BeaterCDAlbumGeffen
PrimusAnimals Should Not Try To Act Like PeopleDVD+CDVideoInterscope
PrimusBrown AlbumCDAlbumInterscope
PrimusFrizzle FryCDAlbumPrawn SongDigipak re-issue
PrimusMadhouseCDAlbumKiss the StoneBootleg
PrimusMaster of PuppiesCDAlbumLove & MoneyBootleg
PrimusMiscellaneous DebrisCDAlbumInterscopeDigipak re-issue
PrimusPork SodaCDAlbumInterscope
PrimusSailing the Seas of Cheese12"AlbumInterscope
PrimusSailing the Seas of CheeseCDAlbumInterscope
PrimusSuck On ThisCDAlbumInterscope
PrimusTales From the PunchbowlCDAlbumInterscope
Prodigy, theThe Fat of the Land - Expanded EditionCDx2AlbumXL Recordings15th Anniversary Edition
ProngRude AwakeningCDAlbumEpic
Pseudonymphs, theI Punched A Cop7"SinglePigseye RecordsPink vinyl
QueenQueen II12"AlbumEMI
QueenSheer Heart Attack12"AlbumEMI
QueenThe Game12"AlbumEMI
Queens of the Stone AgeSongs for the DeafCDAlbumInterscope
R.E.M.Acoustic ´87CDAlbumNu NoizeBootleg
R.E.M.Automatic for the PeopleCDAlbumWarner
R.E.M.Begin the BeginCDAlbumOn StageBootleg
R.E.M.Dead Letter Office12"AlbumI.R.S. Records
R.E.M.Document12"AlbumI.R.S. Records
R.E.M.Eponymous12"AlbumI.R.S. Records
R.E.M.FuntimeCDAlbumBlack RoseBootleg
R.E.M.GreenCDx2AlbumWarner25th Anniversary Deluxe Edition
R.E.M.Hitting the NoteCDAlbumBackstageBootleg
R.E.M.It's the End of the World...CDAlbumKiss the StoneBootleg
R.E.M.Listen HarderCDAlbumNo LabelBootleg
R.E.M.Live at Yokohama 10/11/84CDAlbumBanzaiBootleg
R.E.M.Losing My Religion12"SingleWarner
R.E.M.Losing My Religion7"SingleWarner
R.E.M.Losing My Religion (Vol. 3)CDAlbumBananaBootleg
R.E.M.Murmur12"AlbumIllegal Records
R.E.M.MurmurCDAlbumIllegal Records
R.E.M.New Adventures in Hi-FiCDAlbumWarner
R.E.M.Out of Time12"AlbumWarner
R.E.M.Out of TimeCD+DVDAlbumWarnerDigipak
R.E.M.Radioshow U.S.A. 1993CDAlbumLive StormBootleg
R.E.M.Rave onCDAlbumChelsea RecordsBootleg
R.E.M.Reckoning12"AlbumI.R.S. Records
R.E.M.RevolutionCDx2AlbumBig MusicBootleg
R.E.M.Revolution on the RadioCDAlbumMountain StageBootleg
R.E.M.RisingCDAlbumSPQR RecordsBootleg
R.E.M.Rock PerugiaCDAlbumInsect RecordsBootleg
R.E.M.Singles CollectedCDAlbumI.R.S. Records
R.E.M.The Best of R.E.M.12"AlbumI.R.S. Records
R.E.M.The Complete Unplugged ShowCDAlbumNo LabelBootleg
R.E.M.The DreamCDAlbumRed PhantomBootleg
R.E.M.Up NorthCDx2AlbumManni-K-RecordsBootleg
Rage Against the MachineRage Against the MachineVHSVideoEpic
Raised FistStronger Than EverCDEPBurning Heart Records
RapemanBudd12"EPTouch and GoWith press-sheet and poster
RapemanHated Chinee/Marmoset7"SingleNo LabelEmbossed sleeve
RapemanHated Chinee/Marmoset7"SingleFierce Recordings
RapemanInki's Butt Crack/Song Number One7"SingleSub Pop
RapemanTwo Nuns And a Pack Mule12"AlbumBlast First
RapemanTwo Nuns And a Pack MuleCDAlbumTouch and Go
RapemanTwo Nuns And a Pack MuleCSAlbumTouch and Go
Reatard, JayBetter than Something12"+DVDAlbumFactory 25
Reatard, JayBlood VisionsCDAlbumIn the Red
Reatard, JayMatador Singles '08CDAlbumMatador RecordsDigipak
Reatard, JaySingles 06-07CD+DVDAlbumIn the Red
Reatard, JayWatch Me FallCDAlbumMatador RecordsDigipak
ReatardsBed Room DisastersCDAlbumEmpty Records
ReatardsGrown Up, Fucked Up12"AlbumGoner2015 re-issue
ReatardsTeenage Hate12"x2AlbumGoner
ReatardsTeenage HateCDAlbumGonerDigipak re-issue with bonus tracks
Red AuntsRetard Jenny Jones7"SingleSympathy for the Record IndustryPicture disc
Red Hot Chili PeppersBlood Sugar Sex MagikCDAlbumWarner
Red Hot Chili PeppersCalifornicationCDAlbumWarner
Red Hot Chili PeppersHolland 1991CDAlbumRarities & FewBootleg
RefusedThe Shape of Punk to ComeCDAlbumBurning Heart RecordsDigipak
Replacements, thePleased to Meet Me12"AlbumSire
Replacements, theSorry Ma, Forgot to Take Out the TrashCDAlbumRestless
Ripe PeachesRipe PeachesCDEPNCB
RobynDet bästa med RobynCDAlbumSony BMG
Rolling Stones, theAftermath12"AlbumDecca
Rolling Stones, theFlowers12"AlbumDecca
Rolling Stones, theGoats Head Soup12"AlbumRolling Stones Records
Rolling Stones, theHot Rocks 1964-197112"x2AlbumAbkco
Rolling Stones, theHot Rocks 1964-1971CDx2AlbumAbkco
Rolling Stones, theLet It Bleed12"AlbumDecca
Rolling Stones, theNo. 212"AlbumDecca
Rolling Stones, theOne More Time.. Stones Live Göteborg '8212"x3AlbumFoxy RecordsBootleg
Rolling Stones, theSticky Fingers12"AlbumRolling Stones RecordsWith zipper
Rolling Stones, theThe Great Lost Live Album Vol. 112"AlbumThe Swingin' PigBootleg, blue vinyl
Rolling Stones, theThe Rolling Stones12"AlbumDecca1970 German re-issue
Rollins BandHard as NailsCDAlbumInsect RecordsBootleg
Rollins, HenryGet in the VanCDx2Album2.13.61
Roots, thePhrenologyCDAlbumMCA
Rose WindowsThere is a Light/Fix Me Another7"SingleSub Pop
Runaways, theAnd Now... The Runaways12"AlbumMercury
Runaways, theFlaming SchoolgirlsCDAlbumCherry Red Records
Runaways, theLive (Agorà Ballroom, Cleveland - July 19, 1976)12"AlbumVinyl Lovers
Runaways, theLive in Japan12"AlbumMercury
Runaways, theQueens of Noise12"AlbumMercury
Runaways, theThe Mercury Albums AnthologyCDx2AlbumMercury
Runaways, theThe Runaways12"AlbumMercuryGatefold
RushAll the World's a Stage12"x2AlbumMercury
RushCaress of Steel12"AlbumAnthem
RushExit... Stage Left12"x2AlbumMercury
RushGrace Under Pressure12"AlbumMercury
RushPower Windows12"AlbumMercury
RushRush Through Time12"AlbumMercury
RäserbajsDrömmen om EG7"EPKamel RecordsSecond pressing, red cover
RäserbajsDrömmen om EG7"EPKamel RecordsThird pressing, blue cover
RäserbajsDrömmen om EG7"EPÖronvaxFirst pressing, black cover
RäserbajsFina FlickorCDEPKamel RecordsPaper-sleeve
RäserbajsHår på bröstet7"SingleKamel Records
RäserbajsJag, LegendCDSingleKamel RecordsPaper-sleeve
RäserbajsNoppriga Tights och MoonbootsCDAlbumKamel RecordsDigipak
Sabbath AssemblyRestored to One12"AlbumThe Ajna OffensiveGold vinyl
Sabbath AssemblyRestored to OneCDAlbumSvart RecordsVelvet booklet, nr 188/500
Saint-Marie, BuffySpotlight on12"x2AlbumVanguard
SalemKing NightCDAlbumIAMSOUND
Sarstedt, PeterPeter Sarstedt12"AlbumUnited Artists
Sarstedt, PeterWhere Do You Go To (My Lovely)/Morning Mountain7"SingleUnited ArtistsNo sleeve
ScarlingSweet Heart DealerCDAlbumSympathy for the Record Industry
Scratch AcidJust Keep Eating12"AlbumRabid Cat
Scratch AcidScratch Acid12"AlbumFundamental
Scratch AcidThe Greatest GiftCDAlbumTouch and Go
ScreamFumble/Banging the DrumCDAlbumDischord
Screaming TreesUncle AnesthesiaCDAlbumEpic
Scum NoiseThe Landless Demo Compilation 92-97CSAlbumImaginakcion Records
Sex Pistols10th Anniversary AlbumCDAlbumFox Records
Sex PistolsAnarchy in the U.K/I Wanna Be Me7"SingleGlitterbestFrench pressing
Sex PistolsAnarchy in the U.S.A.CDAlbumFox Records
Sex PistolsFlogging a Dead Horse12"AlbumVirgin
Sex PistolsFlogging a Dead HorseCDAlbumVirgin
Sex PistolsKiss ThisCDAlbumVirgin
Sex PistolsLive '7612"x4BOXUniversal
Sex PistolsLive '76CDx4BOXUniversal
Sex PistolsLive at the LonghornDVDVideoMAWA Film & Medien
Sex PistolsLive at Winterland 1978CDAlbumSanctuary
Sex PistolsLive in Trondheim 21st July 1977CDAlbumVirgin
Sex PistolsNever Mind the Bollocks Here's the Sex Pistols12"AlbumVirgin
Sex PistolsNever Mind the Bollocks Here's the Sex Pistols12"AlbumVirginUS pressing, red cover
Sex PistolsNever Mind the Bollocks Here's the Sex PistolsCDAlbumVirgin
Sex PistolsNever Mind the Bollocks Here's the Sex PistolsDVDVideoEagle Vision
Sex PistolsNever Mind the Bollocks Here's the Sex Pistols + Spunk and Spedding DemosCDx2AlbumVirgin
Sex PistolsNever Mind WinterlandCDAlbumThe Swingin' PigBootleg
Sex PistolsSex PistolsCDx3BOXVirginBookstyle box
Sex PistolsSome Product - Carri On12"AlbumVirgin
Sex PistolsSome Product - Carri OnCDAlbumVirgin
Sex PistolsThe Best of & the Rest of Original Pistols LiveCDAlbumAction Replay Records
Sex PistolsThe Great Rock 'N' Roll SwindleCDAlbumVirgin
Sex PistolsThe Italian JobCDAlbumFox Records
Sex PistolsThe Original Pistols Live12"x2AlbumReceiver Records
Shadows of Knight, theGloria12"AlbumDunwichStereo
Shellac1000 Hurts12"+CDAlbumTouch and GoIncludes a CD version of the album
Shellac1000 HurtsCDAlbumTouch and GoBox
ShellacAt Action Park12"AlbumTouch and Go
ShellacAt Action ParkCDAlbumTouch and GoPaper-sleeve
ShellacAt Action ParkCSAlbumTouch and Go
ShellacBilliardspielerlied7"SingleÜberschallLimited to 2000
ShellacExcellent Italian Greyhound12"+CDAlbumTouch and GoIncludes a CD version of the album
ShellacExcellent Italian GreyhoundCDAlbumTouch and GoPaper-sleeve
ShellacTerraform12"AlbumTouch and Go
ShellacTerraformCDAlbumTouch and GoPaper-sleeve
ShellacThe Bird is the Most Popular Finger7"SingleDrag CityIncludes a photograph
ShellacThe Rude Gesture a Pictorial History7"SingleTouch and Go
ShellacUranus7"SingleTouch and Go
Shocker, theUp Your Ass Tray - The Full LenghtCDAlbumGo-Kart Records
Shocking Blue3rd Album12"AlbumMetronome
Shocking BlueAt Home12"AlbumMetronome
Shocking BlueLive12"AlbumKarussell
Shocking BlueLong and Lonesome Road/Fireball of Love7"SingleMetronomeNo sleeve
Shocking BlueVenus/Hot Sand7"SingleMetronomeSwedish pressing
Shonen KnifeLet's KnifeCDAlbumAugust Records
Shonen KnifePretty Little Baka Guy + Live in JapanCDAlbumRockville
Shonen KnifeThe Birds & The B-sidesCDAlbumVirgin
Sid ViciousBetter to provoke a Reaction Than to React to ProvocationCDAlbumYEAAH!!
SilencerFear and Drinking/Pulp7"SingleEarache
Simone, NinaGoldCDx2AlbumUniversal
Sir Henry Fiat's BastardYour Mom is a Fucking Mongo7"EPPandacide
SixesHexaneCSAlbumHung Like a Horse
Skating PollyFuzz SteilacoomCDAlbumChap Stereo RecordsDigipak
Skating PollyThe Big Fit12"AlbumChap Stereo Records
Skin YardFist Sized Chunks12"AlbumCruz
Skin YardHallowed GroundCDAlbumToxic Shock
Sleater-KinneyAll Hands on the Bad OneCDAlbumMatador Records
Sleater-KinneyCall the Doctor12"AlbumSub Pop2014 re-issue
Sleater-KinneyDig Me OutCDAlbumMatador Records
Sleater-KinneyLive in Paris12"AlbumSub PopLoser edition, translucent green vinyl
Sleater-KinneyNo Cities to Love12"AlbumSub Pop
Sleater-KinneyThe Woods12"AlbumSub Pop2014 re-issue
SleepDopesmoker12"x2AlbumTee Pee Records
SleepSleep's Holy Mountain12"AlbumEarache
SleepSleep's Holy MountainCDAlbumEarache
SleepVol 27"EPOff The DiskLimited to 1000
SleepVolume OneCDAlbumTupelo
SlintSlintCDEPTouch and Go
SlintSpiderland12"AlbumTouch and Go
SlipknotSlipknot 10th Anniversary EditionCD+DVDAlbumRoadrunner RecordsDigipak
SlipknotVol.3: The Subliminal VersesCDAlbumRoadrunner RecordsLimited edition, autographed by the band
Small Brown BikeDead Reckoning12"AlbumNo Idea RecordsLimited edition, gray swirl vinyl
Small Brown BikeThe River BedCDAlbumLookout! Records
Smashing Pumpkins, the3 Feet HighCDAlbumKiss the StoneBootleg
Smashing Pumpkins, theAdoreCDAlbumVirgin
Smashing Pumpkins, theDrownCDAlbumKiss the StoneBootleg
Smashing Pumpkins, theMayonaise DreamCDAlbumKiss the StoneBootleg
Smashing Pumpkins, theSiamese DreamCDx2+DVDAlbumVirginDeluxe edition
Smashing Pumpkins, theTurpentine KissesCDAlbumKiss the StoneBootleg
Smith, ElliottFigure 8CDAlbumDreamworks
Smith, ElliottNew MoonCDx2AlbumDominoDigipak
Smith, PattiEaster12"AlbumArista
Smith, PattiI Never Talked to Bob Dylan12"AlbumStoned RecordsBootleg, translucent pink vinyl
Smithson, DawnSafer HereCDAlbumKrankyPaper-sleeve
SnakeCradle of Snake12"AlbumSounds Of Subterrania
SnakeCradle of Snake12"AlbumSounds Of SubterraniaLimited to 100, comes in "denim jacket" sleeve with pin, poster and photo
SnakeSea of Love/Haunted7"SingleSounds Of Subterrania
Snake/Data ControlSnake/Data ControlCSEPXenomorfLimited edition nr 117/120, fluorescent orange cassette
SoberBlowjobCDEPBurning Heart RecordsAutographed by the band
SoberFirst StepCDAlbumBirnestAutographed by the band
SoberYeah Yeah YeahCDAlbumBirdnestDigipak
Social CrimeSocial CrimeCSAlbumBroken Noise
Sonic YouthDaydream Nation Deluxe EditionCDx2AlbumGeffen
Sonic YouthDirtyCDAlbumGeffen
Sonic YouthDirty Boots Plus 5 Live TracksCDEPGeffen
Sonic YouthGooCDAlbumGeffen
Sonic YouthMade in USACDAlbumRhino
Sonic YouthSisterCDAlbumGeffen
Sonic YouthSplitting the AtomCDAlbumKiss the StoneBootleg
Sonics, theFull Force12"AlbumEtiquette Records
Sonics, theFull ForceCDAlbumEtiquette Records
Sonics, theThe Witch7"EPBig Beat Records
Sore ErosKnow Touching12"AlbumSHDWPLYLimited edition nr 31/40
Sore ErosLive at WFMUCSAlbumSixteen Tam
Sore Erossecond chants12"AlbumSHDWPLY
Sore Erossecond chantsCDAlbumSHDWPLY
Sore ErosSickies Volume 2: Sterling Silver The AlienCSAlbumFeeding Tube Records
Sore ErosTaal Compass/Wide Open7"SingleBlackburn RecordingsLimited edition nr 49/500
Soul Patrol7CDSingleBirdnest
SoundgardenCrown of ThornsCDx2AlbumKiss the StoneBootleg
SoundgardenFace PollutionCDAlbumBoo!Bootleg
SoundgardenGarden of SoulsCDAlbumAlley KatBootleg
SoundgardenScreaming Life12"EPSub Pop
SoundgardenSuperunknownCDAlbumA&M Records
SoundgardenThe Garden GrowsCDx2AlbumCocomelos RecordsBootleg
SoundgardenUltramegaunknownCDAlbumSounds of SeattleBootleg
Sparks, Donita + The Stellar MomentsTransmiticateCDAlbumSparksFlyDigipak
Spears, BritneyGreatest Hits: My PrerogativeCDAlbumJive
Springsteen, Bruce"E" Ticket12"AlbumKunstfopf-StereophonieBootleg
Springsteen, BruceBorn in the U.S.A.12"AlbumCBS
Springsteen, BruceBorn to Run12"AlbumCBS
Springsteen, BruceBy the River12"AlbumNo LabelBootleg
Springsteen, BruceDarkness on the Edge of Town12"AlbumCBS
Springsteen, BruceFire on the Finger Tips12"AlbumThe Amazing Kornyfone Record Label Bootleg
Springsteen, BruceGothenburg, Sweden, July 23, 2016CDRx3AlbumNugs.netDigipak, official CDR
Springsteen, BruceHoneymoon vol. 1 + vol. 212"x4+7"AlbumSpacematic RecordsBootleg, comes with ticket from the show on 8th of June
Springsteen, BruceHuman Touch12"AlbumColumbia
Springsteen, BruceHuman TouchCDAlbumColumbia
Springsteen, BruceLucky TownCDAlbumColumbia
Springsteen, BruceNebraska12"AlbumCBS
Springsteen, BrucePaid the Cost to Be the Boss12"AlbumKunstfopf-StereophonieBootleg, white vinyl
Springsteen, BrucePhiladelphia LiveCDAlbumSave the Earth Love the MusicBootleg
Springsteen, BrucePlugged the RehearsalsCDAlbumKiss the StoneBootleg
Springsteen, BruceRoxy LA in Stereo12"x2AlbumNo LabelBootleg, plain white sleeve, gray/lavender swirl vinyl
Springsteen, BruceSatans Jewel CrownCDx4BOXBig MusicBootleg
Springsteen, BruceSolo AcousticCDAlbumCocomelos RecordsBootleg
Springsteen, BruceThe Boss is BackCDx2AlbumKiss the StoneBootleg
Springsteen, BruceThe Handsomest Man In Showbiz12"AlbumNo LabelBootleg
Springsteen, BruceThe River12"x2AlbumCBS
Springsteen, BruceThe RiverCDx2AlbumColumbia
Springsteen, BruceThe Ties that BindCDx4+BDx2BOXColumbia/Legacy
Springsteen, BruceThe Wild, the Innocent & the E Street Shuffle12"AlbumCBS
Springsteen, BruceTunnel of Love12"AlbumCBS
Springsteen, BruceWarm and Tender LoveCDAlbumKiss the StoneBootleg
Status QuoMessages From the Status Quo12"AlbumCadet Concept
Status QuoThe Singles Collection 1966-73CDx2AlbumSanctuary
Stefani, GwenLove.Angel.Music.Baby.CDAlbumInterscope
Stefani, GwenThe Sweet EscapeCDAlbumInterscope
Stevens, CatTea for the Tillerman12"AlbumIsland
Stevens, CatTeaser and the Firecat12"AlbumIsland
Stevens, SufjanCarrie & Lowell12"AlbumAsthmatic Kitty
Stevens, SufjanIllinoise12"x3AlbumAsthmatic KittySpecial 10th Anniversary Blue Marvel Edition
Stevens, SufjanIllinoiseCDAlbumRough Trade
Stooges, theFun House12"AlbumElektra
Stooges, theFun HouseCDx2AlbumElektra
Stooges, theThe Stooges12"AlbumElektra
Stooges, theThe StoogesCDx2AlbumElektra
Stooges, the & Iggy Raw Power12"AlbumEmbassy
Stooges, the & Iggy Raw PowerCDx2AlbumColumbia/Legacy
StrobeBabysitterCSAlbumNo Bullshit Productions
Studio 99Creedence Clearwater Revival - A TributeCDAlbumGoing for a Song
SubrosaBuzzardCDSingle550 MusicPromo
SubrosaNever Bet the Devil Your HeadCDAlbum550 Music
SubrosaNever Bet the Devil Your HeadCDAlbum550 MusicPromo, paper-sleeve
SubrosaNever Bet the Devil Your HeadCSAlbum550 MusicStill sealed
Super Vacations, theHenry7"EPSHDWPLYRed vinyl
Super Vacations, theThe Super Vacations12"AlbumSHDWPLY
Sweet 75Sweet 75 CDAlbumGeffen
Sweet, MatthewGirlfriendCDAlbumVolcano Entertainment
SwitchbladeSwitchblade12"AlbumTrust No OneClear vinyl
SwitchbladeSwitchbladeCDAlbumTrust No OnePromo, paper-sleeve
TADBusted Circuits and Ringing EarsDVDVideoMVD Visual
TADGod's Balls12"AlbumSub Pop/Glitterhouse
TADSalt Lick12"EPGlitterhouse
TeengenerateGet Action!12"AlbumCrypt Records
The, TheSave MeCDAlbumKiss the StoneBootleg
Therapy?No Love LostCDAlbumKiss the StoneBootleg
TrafficColoured Rain12"AlbumIsland
Trashmen, theSurfin' Bird/Woah Dad!7"SingleEMI/Columbia
TrioAnna - Letmein Letmeout/Kummer12"SingleMercury
TrioAnna - Letmein Letmeout/Lady-O-Lady7"SingleMercury
TrioBye Bye12"AlbumMercuryDutch pressing
TrioDa Da Da Don't Love You Don't Love Me Aha Aha Aha/Sabine Sabine Sabine7"SingleMercury
TrioTrio12"AlbumMercuryScandinavian pressing
TrioTriologie (The Best Of)CDAlbumMercury
Tunstall, KTEye to the TelescopeCDAlbumRelentless/EMI
Twisted SisterStay Hungry12"AlbumAtlantic
U-MenX-Mas Concert/Live at Club Wow12"AlbumTri-City Records
Ulcerrhoea/Pulmonary FibrosisUlcerrhoea/Pulmonary FibrosisCSAlbumPutrid Nausea Productions
UltraMantis BlackUltraMantis Black12"EPRelapseBlack vinyl
Undertones, theThe UndertonesCDAlbumSalvow/ Slipcase
V/A1991: The Year Punk BrokeDVDVideoUniversal
V/AA Small Circle of Friends - Germs (Tribute)CDAlbumDragnet
V/AAlingsås 375 År - Jubileums Rock 1994CDAlbumFMP Records
V/ABang Zoom #3CSAlbumBang ZoomCassettezine from 1983
V/ABitpop Volym EttCDAlbumSuper Play MagazinePromo
V/ACheap ShotsCDAlbumBurning Heart Records
V/ACMJ New Music Monthly January 1996CDAlbumCMJPromo, paper-sleeve
V/ACode BlueCSAlbumLast RitesIncl. insert
V/ADiscworld - Soul Music SoundtrackCDAlbumPluto Music
V/ADisturbing Summer 2008CDAlbumDispleased RecordsPromo
V/AFalling Down IICDx2AlbumNo Label
V/AFlames Still BurnsVHSVideoBurning Heart RecordsPromo
V/AFolkways: A Vision Shared - A Tribute to Woody Guthrie and Leadbelly12"AlbumCBS
V/AGeffen Rarities Vol. 1CDAlbumGeffen
V/AGods Favorite Dog12"AlbumTouch and GoBlue lettering
V/AGods Favorite Dog12"AlbumTouch and GoPurple lettering
V/AGods Favorite Dog12"AlbumTouch and GoGold lettering
V/AGods Favorite Dog12"AlbumTouch and GoGreen lettering, with "incl." sticker
V/AGods Favorite Dog12"AlbumTouch and GoTest pressing
V/AGods Favorite DogCSAlbumTouch and Go
V/AGrand Theft AutoCDAlbumBMG
V/AHappiness Is Dry Pants7"EPChemical ImbalanceHand painted sleeve. Numbered, nr 11
V/AHappiness Is Dry Pants7"EPChemical Imbalancew/ Chemical Imbalance nr 5, no picture sleeve
V/AHard To Believe - A Kiss Covers Compilation12"AlbumWaterfront
V/AHard To Believe - A Kiss Covers CompilationCDAlbumC/Z Records
V/AHead Over Ears12"AlbumPlayhardIncl. Debris magazine
V/AHeaven & Hell - A Tribute to The Velvet UndergroundCDAlbumCommunion
V/AHog Butcher for the World12"AlbumMad Queen RecordsStill sealed
V/AHome Alive - The Art of Self DefenseCDx2AlbumEpic
V/AHype!DVDVideoLions Gate
V/AHype! Surviving the Northwest Rock ExplosionCDAlbumSub Pop
V/AInternational Pop Underground Convention12"x2AlbumK RecordsCut corner
V/AKill Rock StarsCDAlbumKill Rock Stars
V/AKurt's Choice - 13 Brilliant Tracks From the Collection of Kurt CobainCDAlbumNME
V/ALive - Även vackra fåglar skiterCDAlbumBirdnest
V/ALollapalooza ´92 Vol. 1CDx3BOXKiss the StoneBootleg, incl. poster
V/ALounge Ax Defense & Relocation Compact DiscCDAlbumTouch and Go
V/AMad Max 212"AlbumThat's Entertainment
V/AMaximum Rock N´Roll #143CSAlbumMaximum Rock N´RollIncl. tracklist sheet
V/AMetal Age ProdcutionsCDAlbumMetal Age ProductionsPromo, paper-sleeve
V/AMiddle of America12"AlbumHID Productions
V/ANo AlternativeCDAlbumAristaBoy cover
V/ANo AlternativeCDAlbumAristaGirl cover
V/ANothing Short of Total War12"AlbumBlast First
V/ANothing Short of Total WarCDAlbumBlast First
V/ANothing Short of Total WarCSAlbumBlast First
V/AO Brother, Where Art Thou?CDAlbumMercury
V/AOne Foot in the GrooveCDAlbumPut it on a Cracker
V/APaisley Pop (Pye Psych [& Other Colours] 1966-1969)CDAlbumSequel Records
V/APharmacopoeia7"x5BOXLand O SmilesLimited to 250
V/ARelaxing the UndertowCDAlbumPut it on a CrackerStill sealed
V/ARoots of NirvanaCDAlbumMojo Magazine
V/ASaturday Night Live - 25 Years of MusicDVDx5VideoNBC
V/ASaturday Night Live - The Musical Performances - Volume 2CDAlbumDreamWorks
V/AScene Not Heard - 22 Tracks From the Hardcore/Punk UndergroundCDAlbumRevHQPromo, paper-sleeve
V/ASomething Else: A Tribute to the KinksCDAlbumMojo Magazine
V/ASoundcheck #58CDAlbumClose-Up MagazinePromo, no cover
V/ASub Pop Video Network Program 1DVDVideoSub Pop
V/ASub-Pop-200CDALbumSub Pop
V/ATantrum12"AlbumCocktailCut corner
V/ATeriyaki Asthma Vol. I7"EPC/Z Records
V/ATeriyaki Asthma Vol. III7"EPC/Z RecordsPink vinyl
V/ATeriyaki Asthma Vols. I-V12"x2AlbumC/Z RecordsDutch pressing
V/ATeriyaki Asthma Vols. I-VCDAlbumC/Z RecordsStill sealed
V/AThe Beavis and Butt-head ExperienceCDAlbumGeffen
V/AThe Crow - City of AngelsCDAlbumMiramax/Hollywood
V/AThe Crow - Original Motion Picture ScoreCDAlbumVarese Sarabande
V/AThe Crow - SalvationCDAlbumKoch Records
V/AThe Devil's Jukebox7"x10BOXBlast FirstUS promo box, limited edition nr 115/1500
V/AThe Devil's Jukebox7"x10BOXBlast FirstUK promo box, limited edition nr 2687/3000
V/AThe Greatest Hits of the Very Best of the Ulitmate DefinitivtCDx2AlbumRabb Records
V/AThe Grunge YearsCDAlbumSub PopLimited edition of 500.000
V/AThe Lord of the Rings - The Fellowship of the RingCDAlbumReprise
V/AThe Melting PlotCDAlbumSST Records
V/AThe Music of Grand Theft Auto IVCDAlbumRockstarPaper-sleeve
V/AThe Punk Generation - Heat of the StreetCDAlbumCastle Communications
V/AThe Return of Jesús - Part IICDAlbumBirdnestPromo
V/AThe Roots of the Sex PistolsCDAlbumMojo Magazine
V/ATotal Guitar #98CDAlbumTotal Guitar MagazinePromo
V/ATrojan ExplosionCDAlbumMojo MagazinePromo, paper-sleeve
V/ATwin PeaksCDAlbumWarner
V/AWailing Ultimate12"AlbumHomestead
V/AWailing UltimateCDAlbumHomestead
V/AWailing UltimateCSAlbumHomesteadStill sealed
Van Etten, SharonBecause I Was in Love12"AlbumLanguage of Stone
Van Halen198412"AlbumWarner
VanhelgdCult of Lazarus SamplerCDREPNo LabelSelf-released sampler, no cover
Vanilla IceTo the Extreme12"AlbumSBK Records
Vaselines, theAll the Stuff and More12"AlbumAvalanche Records
Velvet Underground & Nico, theThe Velvet Underground & NicoCDAlbumPolydor
Vile, Kurtb'lieve i'm goin (deep) down...12"x3AlbumMatador RecordsLimited edition of 3500
Vile, KurtSmoke Ring for My Halo12"AlbumMatador Records
Vile, KurtWakin on a Pretty Daze12"x2AlbumMatador Records
Violent FemmesAdd It Up (1981-1993)CDAlbumSlash Records
Violent FemmesHallowed Ground12"AlbumSlash Records
Violent FemmesLive & OtherwiseDVDVideoWarner
Violent FemmesRock!!!!!CDAlbumMushroom
Violent FemmesViolent Femmes12"AlbumSlash/Rough TradeFirst pressing
Wailing SoulsAll Over the WorldCSAlbumChaos/Columbia
Waits, TomBig Time12"AlbumIsland
Waits, TomClosing TimeCDAlbumElektra
Waits, TomNighthawks at the DinerCDAlbumAsylum
Waits, TomRain Dogs12"AlbumIsland
Waits, TomRain DogsCDAlbumIsland
Waits, TomSwordfishtrombones12"AlbumIsland
Walkabouts, theWatermarksCDAlbumInnerstate Records
Walkabouts, theYour Hope Shines7"x2EPSub PopGreen & Red vinyls
WeedeaterGod Luck and Good SpeedCDAlbumSouthern LordPaper-sleeve
WeedeaterJason... the DragonCDAlbumSouthern Lord
Weissberg, Eric/Mandell, SteveDueling Banjos12"AlbumWarner
Welcome Wagon, theWelcome to the Welcome Wagon12"AlbumAsthmatic Kitty
Welcome Wagon, theWelcome to the Welcome WagonCDAlbumAsthmatic KittyPaper-sleeve
White Mice, theASSPhIXXXEATATESHUN12"AlbumLoadStill sealed
White Mice, theBLASSSTPhLEGMEICE12"AlbumLoadStill sealed
White Mice, theDo They Know It's Christmice?12"AlbumSubharmonix/Brainpatch
White Mice, theEXcreaMaNTRaINTRaVEINaNUSCDAlbumBlossoming NoiseDigipak
White Mice, theFistSyphallus DillerCSAlbumDisaro
White Mice, theGanjahovahdose12"Album20 Buck Spin
White Mice, theGanjahovahdoseCDAlbum20 Buck Spin
White Mice, theHEMOSEXUALRODENTALDAMNATALCARE((of the FUTURD))0CDRAlbumNo LabelOfficial CDR, tour edition limited to 100
White Mice, theLive at Angle of ViewCDRBOXStolen SoundsOfficial CDR, nr 24/100, boxset with 3 inlays, pins & stickers
White Mice, theLive at AS220CDRAlbumOh-No! NoiseOfficial CDR, nr 48/200, silkscreened and hand sewn sleeve
White Mice, theLive at AS220CDRAlbumOh-No! NoiseOfficial CDR, nr 110/200, silkscreened and hand sewn sleeve
White Mice, theMouse of Mendes12"EPOh-No! NoiseLimited edition nr 33/500, translucent "smoke" swirl vinyl only 100/500
White Mice, theMouse of Mendes12"EPLiar GlobeOne-sided engraved black vinyl
White Mice, theMouse of MendesCDREPNo LabelOfficial CDR
White Stripes, the7 Nation Army/Good To Me7"SingleXL Recordings
White Stripes, theDe StijlCDAlbumXL Recordings
White Stripes, theThe White StripesCDAlbumXL Recordings
WhitesnakeSaints & Sinners12"AlbumSunburst
Who, theMy Generation - The Very Best ofCDAlbumPolydor
Who, theRock and Roll Who-Chee-Koo!12"AlbumPig's EyeBootleg
Who, theThe Who12"AlbumPolydor
Who, theWho's Next12"AlbumPolydor
Williams, Wendy O.WOW12"AlbumMusic for Nations
Willis, BruceThe Return of Bruno12"AlbumMotown
WipersBox SetCDx3AlbumZeno RecordsBox w/ their three first albums
WipersIs This Real?12"AlbumPark Ave. Records
WipersIs This Real?CDAlbumSub Pop
WitchcraftIf Crimson Was Your Colour7"SingleRise AboveRed vinyl, first pressing
WitchcraftNo Angel Or Demon7"SinglePrimitive Art
WitchcraftThe AlchmeistCDAlbumRise AboveDigipak
WitchcraftWitchcraft12"AlbumRise AbovePicture disc, second pressing
WitchcraftWitchcraftCDAlbumRise Above
Yeah Yeah YeahsFever To TellCDAlbumDress Up/Polydor
Yeah Yeah YeahsIt's Blitz!CDAlbumDress Up/GeffenDigipak
Yeah Yeah YeahsMachine7"SingleWichita Recordings
Yeah Yeah YeahsMachineCDSingleWichita Recordings
Yeah Yeah YeahsMasterCDEPWichita Recordings
Yeah Yeah YeahsPin7"SingleDress Up/PolydorLimited edition, red vinyl
Yeah Yeah YeahsShow Yours BonesCDAlbumDress Up/Polydor
Yeah Yeah YeahsTell Me What Rockers to SwallowDVDVideoDress Up/Polydor
Yhdeksäs SurmanluotiYhdeksäs SurmanluotiCSAlbumTrash and Burn
YobAtmaCDAlbumProfound Lore Records
Young, NeilAt the Los Angeles Music Center12"AlbumTrademark of QualityBootleg
Young, NeilHarvest12"AlbumReprisew/ original inner sleeve & insert
Young, NeilRock 'N Roll Can Never Die12"x2AlbumRust RecordsBootleg, comes with ticket from the show
Young, Neil & Crazy HorseRust Never Sleep12"AlbumReprise
Young, Neil & Crazy HorseRust Never SleepsCDAlbumReprise
Young, Neil & The Shocking PinksEverybody's Rockin'12"AlbumGeffen
ZombiSpirit AnimalCDAlbumRelapseDigipak
ZZ TopEliminator12"AlbumWarner
ZZ TopTejas12"AlbumWarner
ZZ TopThe Best of ZZ Top12"AlbumWarner
ZZ TopTres Hombres12"AlbumWarner
ÖrokuLiving Through the End Time...CSAlbumNo Label
ÖrokuÖroku7"SingleNo Label